The real basket of deplorables.


No it’s not that at all. It’s a tricky little way for you to back out of getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Stop lying.

All blacks are stupid. :smirk: <-- See what I did there?


This is my last post with you because you seem to fundementally not understand that I and no other logical person thinks smacking some sense into someone is a real method that works hence the smirk. Saying blacks are stupid is just a racist comments. The context and tone of language is just as important. That seems to be lost in you. Wow unbelievable.


You forgot “OMG I can’t even!”


If the rape victim went to a for example: Hell’s Angels demo, all nude wearing only a red cap with the words “fuck me you loser” on it.
Then, yes I would blame the victim for bringing it on herself.


Joking is fine. Actually slugging somebody is crossing a line. Never hit people who are liable to hit back harder.

Lefties need to grasp this, or there will be trouble. When it was just Carl the Cuck and AIDS Skrillex having a hissy fit, all of sane and decent society could laugh it off. But they wouldn’t leave it at that.

Imagine Carl the Cuck on the ground, bleeding to death. Is that what you want?


You are a classy guy, saying that people who get beaten up by their political opponents deserve it.


You must think of yourself to belong to the class judging on what is classy and what’s not.

Oh that’s so classy!

Social status aside, where exactly did I say that?
Bringing it on to yourself doesn’t mean one deserved it. It just means what it says.
If you get cancer, most likely you brought it on to yourself, but you did not deserve it.

If you go to Syria and shout Allah is *****,you might get your head cut off, but you brought it on to yourself not deserving it.


Bubba reaches out to the Trumpistas is his uniquely ironic way…

Not helping here. Dude, get off the stage.


Trump and the rest of his clown squad dragged him into it.


Like I said, a really classy guy blaming the victim.


You said deserve it.
I said I blame them for being stupid in a way.

Also, I am not the one defending a crazy scam artist whose business most likely is bankrupt.
Who doesn’t want you to see his tax returns.
Who talks like a fucking pimp.
Who doesn’t pay his dept.
Who is a racist.

Who tells his folks what to do with people who went to the wrong rally.
And yeah! They brought it on to themselves going to a Trump rally.
“trump rally violence”, is number three in google suggested.

Who thinks he deserves some pussy for fighting ISIS which he never did or will.
Remember, he has some problems with his foot.

Who doesn’t brush his teeth before attempting to kiss a woman he even doesn’t know.
Who would fuck his own daughter.
Who hides behind alleged rape victims.
Who allegedly raped a 13 years old/young girl.
Who produced his birth certificate to prove that he is not an ape/monkey.
Who wants to do what a famous goat fucker is doing right now once he is in office.
Whose idols are Kim Yong and Putin.
Who is blaming the wife of a rapist for her husband’s actions.

The list goes on.


So still blaming the victims then? Keeping up the classiness?

Then you went off on some sort of crazy rant. You’re not helping your cause.

Also, I’ve stated several times at this forum that I want Hillary to win.


It’s a gray area of justice blaming the victim to take some part of the fault for the crime to ever have happened.

It’s a good concept for crime prevention.
Leaving a car unlocked with the keys in it, will get you the owner just as much into trouble as the thief. If a kid steals the car and causes an accident, it will be like 70/30.


Keep blaming the victim. Classy.


What victim are you talking about anyway. I did not see anybody getting hurt in the original video.
I only saw a stupid idiot repeatedly provocating a crowed till he got what he was begging for. Then, had to be rescued by some members of exactly that very same crowed.

Those people were classy.
The guy with the red cap is an idiot and I would not have put myself in line to protect him. You wanted your video of prove, here you go.


Still blaming the victim? Still classy?


You are officially on my ignore list.


Of course, you had to attention whore and tell everyone though. Classy.


Firebombing Republican headquarters in NC.

One side says awful things; the other side does awful things.

UPDATE: Credit where it’s due.


Jobs for the disabled: