The Renouncing and Regaining Thread

What I don’t understand is how a country that relies on America so much for support has a citizenship system (the renunciation process) that affects Americans the most…

Thank god I’m Australian and not American though. (I can renounce and resume) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


We Italians can do that too quite easily apparently, but knowing our bureaucracy nothing easy will be easy


But I heard you had to go home too (back to Italy)? Australians don’t even have to return home (back to Australia)

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ok, that is true, but knowing our lax implementation, that requirement is to be taken with a pinch of salt: officially as soon as you make the declaration to the consular authority you would wish to resume Italian citizenship they’ll technically confer it immediately on you again provisionally, then you have 1 year to re-establish your residency back in Italy, but already as a citizen.

How to establish residency in Italy as a citizen? You just need to rent a place, go to the household registration office of the city/town/village, declare you moved there (before you had already communicated to the consular section where you resumed your citizenship that you are moving back, so it’s all tracked), you give them the address, after some time (usually a few weeks) some city police officers come to visit you (they will schedule a date with you), once they ascertain that you are there, it’s done, you can tbh move out again immediately after.



We already discussed privately on this :sunglasses:

Even if it wasn’t this good. Having this option is much better than what many other foreigners in Taiwan have…


I have no sympathy for them. These idiots got what they deserved. (I don’t care if one of you clowns are reading this and flag this comment.) Go cry me a river you clown.

Who in their right mind puts the house and all finances under their wife’s name? (People who deserve to be kicked to the curb… that’s who.) - If there is a choice… house under wives name or rent a house… YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CHOOSE THE LATTER… (unless you want to be on the street one day)

They are the same type of people who don’t get an APRC (because it’s too much hassle) or fail to do their research on things such as maintaining custody of kids after a divorce.

I saw a thread on a guy who signed away his custody upon divorce and then ended up doing a visa run and was trying to get back on a family visa… :confused: You signed them away buddy.

One of my friends (Taiwanese) was telling me how she screwed her ex husband out of an APRC by getting a divorce a month before the 5 years… (purely out of revenge)


these are folks who infuriates me, like wtf man, cmon! Do the stuff and get some plan B or even C in place.

I’ll be in the situation where my missus will have the house, but just because that house was in the family for a very long time, so I didn’t put a cent in that place, it’s theirs and can’t do anything about it. But this arrangement is the best not to waste money on mortgage or rent.

Everything else, I am not dependent on my (soon-to-be) wife, I have my gold card, will not get a marriage ARC and will get either a Gold Card APRC or looking at the plum blossom APRC (so also to be able to naturalise without renunciation).


You didn’t put any money in there so it doesn’t matter. But many will pay off a mortgage (in their wife’s name, for a house (also in their wife’s name.)

Either way won’t matter for you in the end. I could’ve got a work APRC for the 5 year thing but chose instead to go the easy route and use the JFRV with my daughter and not switch visa. - Because I can naturalize and keep my Aus citizenship


What do they have? I think I got too comfortable and jaded lol

many foreigners in TW who wish to naturalise have to renounce to their citizenship and either can’t get it back or must “re-immigrate” to their home country as a foreigner and do the naturalisation flow as any other foreigner there. Which in many cases is very difficult if not borderline impossible.


Yeah I was in that position. I have made that choice when I had no way to resume Australian citizenship. It was over 10 years later that with a law change in Australia that allowed me to resume.

I was not in the position like comfy123 where he knows he can renounce and resume before considering naturalization.

I renounced because I wanted citizenship here. I did not want to live here on a foreign passport and ARC. PS I got a good head start by doing so over 2 decades ago. :slight_smile:

Justin is getting his Taiwan passport and Tarc while in Australia. So when he renounced he will automatically have a PR visa. Anyway he will renounce then resume within a few months.


Not quite. He will automatically be granted an ex-citizen visa, which doens’t allow you to leave then return. To get PR he would have to apply for a resident return visa. But he probably won’t do that and just go straight to the citizenship resumption.

Yeah he just moved to Australia. Renounce & resume will be done in a short period of time. Once renunciation is done he can immediately re-apply. He just needs renunciation doc for MOFA. MOI

I think you are being a little harsh and unfair. It works both ways, a husband who controls the finances can also leave his wife and kids without anything just because he is vindictive and thinks “she doesnt deserve my money”.
Most couples I know started their relationship with mutual love and respect, its not like women want the house on their name to screw the husband in case the marriage goes sour.

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Um, where’s the info about credit cards? :grimacing:

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We still need to go get a coffee.


An ex-citizen visa is a PR visa.

Ex-citizens can live in Australia permanently. It IS permanent resident visa.

I haven’t decided exactly how I will do it yet. I will either apply for citizenship straight away or apply for a RRV then resume citizenship when I get back from submitting my renunciation doc.

I moved into my place in Australia today :slight_smile:

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I don’t think so at all.

Even if they don’t do it by “intent” the result is the same. Just don’t put your house solely under your wife’s name…

Isn’t that how all relationships start?

Except that she can get a court order to ensure that you pay. Also by having the house and other assets in her name gives her massive leverage into the amount of your income she can claim… basically screwing yourself twice.

Also most spouses I know of actually have really good income and earn a lot more than the foreign husband! So often it doesn’t go 2 ways and if it does… the one without the assets in his/her name will always end up second best