The rights of the Yellow plates

I have a question, what are the rights of the yellow plates on a city?
i know they cant go to expressways, but can the do the left turn without the stupid L?
can they ride on the cars lanes?
all this is because my brother got a CB-400 and i have an SV1000, so when we are in the city he has to go on one way and i have to go in another lane… its not really convenient…

The bridges near my place have signs saying only greater than or equal to 550cc can use the car lanes and not the stupid little scooter lanes that are blocked by scooter accidents nearly every second day as they are so narrow, it is difficult for two bikes to be side by side. Same sign is displayed for traveling down the centre express lanes on the main roads, smaller than 550cc and you need to use the side lanes. The express lanes and side lanes are separated by a concrete traffic island all the way along except for breaks at each intersection. As for the left turn, haven’t seen any signs there about that, but the way those cars fly down those express lanes, I wouldn’t like to be waiting in the middle to do a left hand turn…
Oh, I am in Taipei County…

As I know yellow plate bike’s rights are the same as white plate one, meaning no expressways, no direct turn, no riding in car lane, etc…your bro should’ve bought hornet 600 or FZ6

well he is not a huge bike fan, he just likes to go to trips and mountain rides, for that a 400 is perfect, the other thing is that the 600’s on these days would almost double the cost of the 400’s due to the red plate…

The CB400 is such a great bike to Taiwan, it’s a shame about the stupid 550cc restriction. But yes, for all intents and purposes yellow = white (insert racial joke here).

You have no rights in Taiwan. Ha ha ha :no-no:

You have the right to keep your mouth shut, that’s it.

Having had a cb400, it is the best bike for the island. Or best bang for the buck. I almost regret selling mine. NAN. Loved the air conditioning in the car this summer. If I need a bike?? I just take Omerojs’s bike.

It’s a great brand. BOTO (Bike of the others). :roflmao:

Thanks Omerojs for lending it to me once in a while.

I will tell you your rights, yeah they are fuck all!!!