The Room Where It Happened, A White House Memoir by John Bolton

Just started this book a few minutes ago.

He mentions in first few pages that he had considerable support for a job in the Trump administration by many people and organizations including “Taiwanese-Americans”.


Well done for doing the thankless task of reading Boltons book, I will look forward to your follow ups.

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“My moosetache walked into the room…”

Mother Jones summed up the general feeling on the left with their headline:

Say It Under Oath, Asshole


For once I agree.

Aaron Maté reports for RealClearInvestigations:

  • Bolton writes that instead of a sharp demand of a quid pro quo, Trump said only that “he wasn’t in favor of sending [Ukraine] anything until all the Russia-investigation materials related to [Hillary] Clinton and Biden had been turned over.”
  • Demanding such unspecified “Russia-investigation materials” wasn’t the issue in Trump’s impeachment. He was impeached for allegedly trying to force Ukraine’s President to open a wholly separate investigation of the Bidens and Burisma, the gas company where Hunter was given a lucrative board seat.
  • Burisma is not even mentioned in Bolton’s book – and Hunter Biden only in passing.
  • Still, in the publicity blitz for his memoir, “The Room Where It Happened,” Bolton has tried to keep alive the quid pro quo narrative that does not appear within.
  • In the book, Bolton writes that his recollections are not precise because the Ukraine-related theories floating around the Trump administration “always seemed intermingled and confused, one reason I did not pay them much heed.”
  • Bolton also throws cold water on national security aide Fiona Hill’s seemingly explosive testimony about Bolton’s disdain for a Ukraine-related “drug deal” that Trump aides were “cooking up.” He writes that referred not to leveraging any military aid, but to the timing of a meeting.

32 bucks for Bolton’s book in the local bookshop. Noop.

I bought eBook for US$16.99.


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The book title reads like something Monica Lewinsky had written.


Wow, you got ripped off. It’ll be in the $1.99 bargain bin soon enough.

“Abandoning” the Kurds and cutting loose Taiwan are so not even remotely related.

The Kurds knew and know their role. Sticking with them forever meant seeking a Kurdish Nation. Not gonna happen.

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John Bolton, frontman of the military-industrial complex who will never pass up a chance to start another war/bombing campaign. Just follow his revival tour to see where he hopes conflicts begin/continue.

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He was one of those expendable hires Trump made.

Neo-cons actually think that they will take over the GOP and get into power again. Cheney’s daughter for example.
Trump’s base would not vote for them.

Some comments about the coronavirus in USA.

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“Butterfly wings…tsunami??”

That’s just poor writing.

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How so? He’s contrasting something weak and ineffectual with something powerful- cliched, maybe.