The slippery slope


Uh oh…looks like there’s not full compatibility between members of the “oppressed minority groups” hierarchy…


Is it just me, or does that guy look like bin Laden? He should build his act around that.


Sorry, that’d be cultural appropriation again. Only bona fide Radical Muslims can do terrorism-themed comedy acts.


I have to say that some differences are pretty incredible. Their choice, I guess.


This looks like what happened to one of my ex. She was pretty attractive and immediately after me she decided she was lesbian lol. Cut her hair off short, nose rings and dressed just awful.


Ha, this does not sound promising :grinning:


I don’t know if it was me or what. Probably lol




I was once asked by a lesbian colleague to have sex. She was curious and thought I was a nice guy.

She remained lesbian afterwards but told me that the experience was quite nice


Are you sure you’re not getting confused here with something you saw on Pornhub? :slight_smile:


or some Penthouse letter…


This is more common in real life than you may think. I had a similar offer from a lesbian friend before. I politely declined.


Thus depriving the rest of us of a salacious story. At least BiggusDickus lives up to his moniker.

I’ve clearly led a sheltered life. Or perhaps I’m just not appealing to lesbians.


I was afraid it would’ve been awkward afterwards.

I think if you hang around with enough lesbians long enough (and bath regularly), you’re bound to get that request at some point. A lot of them are curious about the “other side.”


The only requests along those lines have been from gay men. Not sure what that says about me.

I politely declined, btw.


Later I’ll provide a Salon article explaining why you’re a homophobe for not having sex with men.


I got those too. Won’t say whether I turned them down or not. Don’t want to be labeled a bigot.


It’s a true story. She wasn’t easy on the eyes, but then I’m no Adonis.


You could’ve just said no. Or was she your boss? :grin:


I liked her, and felt it was an interesting challenge.