The Squad Thread

I think it’s time. Omar’s narrative and scandalsmear has been batted around in the AOC thread.

Does she not deserve her own thread?

I think she does.

The Daily Beast ‘s Will Sommer published a lengthy piece on Friday that did little to nothing to debunk what he calls a “baseless smear.”

The closest thing to evidence against the claim presented in Sommer’s piece is a reference to a time Omar showed a Star Tribune reporter pictures on her cell phone of immigration documents with a list of members of her family. Sommer’s piece fails to mention that Omar declined to provide copies of any of the documents to the reporter or allow him to make record of the information he was briefly allowed to view.

Omar didn’t respond to requests for comment from the Daily Beast . Her congressional office currently is alerting reporters through auto-reply that it’s not responding to press inquiries, including one from the Free Beacon , into whether any other outlets have been shown documents Omar purports to be evidence against the claim she married her brother.

As Lucinda WIlliams would say, well well well. :whistle:

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What has she done for her district in Minnesota though? I hear her making noise on trump, border issues, immigration, and Israel. But she really doesn’t have political influence on any of those things and can not even challenge Trump as a foreign born citizen.

MN loves to offer outside politicians.
this thread weirdo, Al Franken, Jesse the Body Ventura, etc.

How unforeseen! Omar is raising buttloads of cash.

I don’t know what if anything she has done for her constituents. She’s shoring up her perimeter.

She’s a Somali-American who’s being recognized in the press, and most of it is overwhelmingly positive. She’s also anti-Semitic, which I expect her fellow Somali immigrants regard as a stave and brunning position to take.

I think all 4 of these freshmen will do very well in the fund-raising department. Especially in large donations courtesy of California donors. Would be interesting to learn how many of those $600k were given to her by small donors.

Minnesota is an attention whore of a state.

Minnesota nice didn’t work so they replaced it with Minnesota silly.

Yeah, carpet baggery in the electronic age.

The inevitable Judicial Watch…

“The evidence is overwhelming Rep. Omar may have violated the law"


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Now he has to win Minnesota or he’ll never hear the end of it…

Can anyone point to what she has or has not done for her district? I can’t find anything because it’s mostly her talking about trump, Israel, condemning or not condemning terrorism and things like female genital mutilation.

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The inevitable right wing site masquerading as impartial. If you’re trying to hide your motivations, you’re not very good at it.

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I guess those are the things making the news. Same for any congressperson: if they make bold statements they make the news.

To make matters worse, a lot of media outlets have political bias one way or another, so you will either read mainly criticism or mainly praise, depending on your political/media preference. We’re all biased to agree with our standpoints and to disagree with opposing views.

Finding out what they’re doing for their districts is a lot more complicated (and often not very obvious) because it’s often not very newsworthy and there’s a lot of brokering of support for one issue in exchange for another.


You’re repeating yourself.

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"Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar ripped former President Barack Obama in an interview published Friday, belittling his “pretty face” and saying his agenda of hope and change was an illusion.

'She cited the “caging of kids” at the Mexican border and the “droning of countries around the world” on Obama’s watch "

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It looks like her owner’s political plan is:

  1. Let her campaign on ideas that would make any conservative dislike her
  2. Openly attack the dem’s little darling #44



Thank god for the scare quotes. There’s no accounting for taste. :grin:


Like it or not, Judicial Watch gets results. Suck it, libs.

Purity spiral.

Married her brother? She should represent Tennessee or Arkansas, not Minnesota.