The Stanley Cup Finals - Go Sens!

The CIHL and the Shannon will be showing the Stanley Cup Finals
Games. For the third finals in a row, Canada will have a team
hunting for hockey’s ultimate prize, so come down and support the
boys from Ottawa as they try to do what the Flames and Oilers
Games will be shown at the SHANNON as follows:

Tuesday, May 29th, 9 pm

Thursday, May 31st, 9 pm

Sunday, June 3rd, 9 pm

Tuesday, June 5th, 9 pm

GAME 5 (if necessary)
Thursday, June 7th, 9 pm

GAME 6 (if necessary)
Sunday, June 10th, 9pm

GAME 7 (if necessary)
Tuesday, June 12th, 9pm


Quick… where’s the Shannon? I’m in serious withdrawals!!!

Dun-Hwa N. Rd just below Nanjing; directly across from the Taipei Arena.

I will have to find it… shouldn’t be too hard if I just walk up Dunhua Road from Zhongshao Road hopefully. This is how out of the loop I am… who’s actually in the finals against the Sens?


Go Sens!
Bring the cup back home, back to its home, back so we can start feeling good again, back so small markets markets may be able to field a team again–not that Ottawa is a small market, but it would be good to see another Jets team (probably not going to happen, but another Nordiques might be a possibility)–and back so the Maple laughs might get some inspiration. Go Sens! You’re 1 down, but there are six to go baby!

Go Ducks!!!

If the Ducks win does Emilio Estevez get to skate around the rink with Lord Stanley’s Cup held high over his quickly aging, wanna-be Charlie Sheen head? Cause if he does I may have to cheer for the Ducks as well. Emilio has been quite bitter since Keifer has been too busy for Young Guns 17: El Pasa De Salsa…

like to see the sens win the two at home to make it interesting.

do they have the team to do it? i believe so. both games so far pretty tight, but not enough goals from the sens POV. someone needs to come out and challenge the team …

The Anaheim franchise split with Disney last year and dropped ‘Mighty’ from the name this year, along with those awful jerseys from the movie with Estevez. Thank god. The NHL should have never let them do that in the first place. What a joke.

So, if Anaheim does go on to win the Cup this year, at least the name Mighty Ducks won’t appear on the Cup. That could have happened in 2003 when the then Mighty Ducks got to Game7 against the NJ Devils, but lost. Whew…

IMHO, it would have been sacrilegious to have anything to do with Disney and their shitty movie engraved on Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Atleast the Ducks have an ok name. Not like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

That’s the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in California.