The story of my pepitas (and lotus plants)

I like eating pepitas, apparently even in the shower. About two years ago I dropped a pepita on my bathroon floor where it settled in my shower mat. Safely ensconced and getting enough water, sunlight, air and dirt, it started to germinate which I found very surprising. This year I tried planting my pepitas, and a few germinated of which most died. At the moment I have one left and it has developed more than ten flowers. I never knew seeds without hulls(kernels) could germinate. I cant wait to see the fruit. I’ll post a picture later and keep you informed as the story develops.

By the way, does anybody know how to grow lotus plants from seed?

I’ve read up on growing lotus plants from seed and this is my first step. I’ll keep on posting photos until the plant is fully developed. I hope they germinate.

Today the water has turned milky and I’ll have to change it. I only use water I would drink myself. The chlorine might be deleterious to the germination process. I don’t know if all of them will germinate, but I can already see that some are showing a green stem developing within the seed. In fact, I noticed this after only a few hours.

EDIT: I opened one kernel and it seems that the “stems” are green but dead. I think some are processed just after the gemination process begins. Some of the dry unplanted kernels also have the stem. Some kernels have a hollow interior fom which no kernel can develop. I feel a little disappointed. I need to get live seed from somewhere, but I don’t know where to get them.

A nursery or plant shop.

I’ll try one in Jhubei. Thanks.

I may have been wrong about all the kernels being dead. About 50% of them are hollow inside, but I opened one with a green stem and it really seems to be growing.