The System English School - Yay? Nay?


Does anyone have any experience working with The System English School in Taipei (Da’an)?

If so, how was it?

They seem to have a research-proof name!

Thanks in advance.

If you really want to research a buxiban, ask for the legal name (iow the full Chinese name) of the buxiban and the legal name of the fuzeren (“responsible person”).

Thanks. Here’s some more info…

The System English School 西斯頓美語文理補習班 - 仁愛教室

大安區 台北市 106

No. 14, Alley 20, Lane 300, Section 4, Ren’ai Rd
Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan 106

Off to a good start: apparently, they have not been sued. :slight_smile:

I worked at The System for about 9 months. The school is run like a military academy, and you are given total control to be as harsh on the students as you want. The material is all prepared before hand so you don’t really have to prepare. It is not a difficult job once you get it down, but there is tons of information and specifics for you to learn. Once you have it, it is very easy. However, because their “system” is so specific, you cannot have substitutes and it is nearly impossible to call off of work. Importantly, they do not make you sign a contract. I was told this is because they, “trust their teachers.” I would not learn until later that they have driven numerous teachers away. I firmly believe they do not make you sign a contract to protect themselves from lawsuits when they treat you unfairly later, so be wary.

Fascinating story. :eek:

[quote=“Alfil, post:5, topic:157285, full:true”]
Importantly, they do not make you sign a contract.[/quote]

They only take people with open work rights? :ponder:

She sounds like a manic-depressive, or bipolar. I wouldn’t want that kind of owner in charge of my work environment, job security, and wages.

Thanks for all of the responses. I had a few interviews with her and appreciated her directness, though I did note a bit of an edge at one point. Nothing huge, but part of the reason I didn’t accept the position. I have no time for work environments that tolerate such behavior (esp under the guise of “tough love”).

Having worked at The System for the last 2-3 years I can say with confidence that the above comment is sent from a disgruntled employee. The school itself is run by a Taiwanese woman and a guy from Texas. They have a solid and proven curriculum that actually shows results unlike a lot of schools in Taiwan. We don’t play games in class, we use the system. It’s very easy once you know it and the kids are all well behaved. We don’t abuse them and I rarely need to raise my voice or discipline them. I love my kids there.

In terms of the managers, they are completely legit, they pay on time and do not screw anyone over. The guy above was a noob in Taiwan and didn’t realize his first month’s salary would have a stupid amount of tax taken out courtesy of the Taiwan govt. i tried to help him along but he was young and didn’t understand/not responsible.

I actively try to get my friends a job at this place because it’s a pretty easy kickass teaching job you can trust. No BS meetings, no 30 minute unpaid prep time, no graduation ceremonies etc., show up 5 minutes before class, walk in and teach, go home. Legit. It’s so relaxed there sometimes I just hang before or after work and chat w teachers/managers/kids. No worries.

Joined 31 minutes ago? Hard to believe your reply to be honest. No school is that perfect. Probably no coincidence that your reply comes at a time when the System are actively looking for new teachers.

Well, somebody is telling fibs. Generally, it’s unlikely for a teacher to rave about a peach of a school they work at, for obvious reasons. Matt2 could be an exception to the rule, though. At the same time, there are a lot of disgruntled teachers out there.

One technical point - I don’t see how any teacher could possibly walk into school 5 minutes before their first class. Even if everything had been prepared that’s unacceptable IMO.

Kinda sounds like a cult “We don’t play games in class, we use… THE SYSTEM”.

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I listened to a Krashen lecture and he joked that all you need to do to make money in EFL is come up with some kind of short-cut silver bullet that sounds plausible and repeat it enough times with belief.

Shocked me at first, coming from him, but then I nodded my head.


This sounds like a line out of a George Orwell novel.

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So you encourage your teachers not to do any preparation for their classes. Maybe the teachers like it, but that sounds like a shit school from the parents’ perspective. I certainly wouldn’t send my kid there.

I guess the “system” you talk about is code for being a lazy babysitter.

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