The System English School - Yay? Nay?



Does anyone have any experience working with The System English School in Taipei (Da’an)?

If so, how was it?

They seem to have a research-proof name!

Thanks in advance.


If you really want to research a buxiban, ask for the legal name (iow the full Chinese name) of the buxiban and the legal name of the fuzeren (“responsible person”).


Thanks. Here’s some more info…

The System English School 西斯頓美語文理補習班 - 仁愛教室

大安區 台北市 106

No. 14, Alley 20, Lane 300, Section 4, Ren’ai Rd
Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan 106


Off to a good start: apparently, they have not been sued. :slight_smile:


I worked at The System for about 9 months. The school is run like a military academy, and you are given total control to be as harsh on the students as you want. The material is all prepared before hand so you don’t really have to prepare. It is not a difficult job once you get it down, but there is tons of information and specifics for you to learn. Once you have it, it is very easy. However, because their “system” is so specific, you cannot have substitutes and it is nearly impossible to call off of work. Importantly, they do not make you sign a contract. I was told this is because they, “trust their teachers.” I would not learn until later that they have driven numerous teachers away. I firmly believe they do not make you sign a contract to protect themselves from lawsuits when they treat you unfairly later, so be wary.

The problem is the owner. The owner is borderline mentally unstable. She has severe anger problems and cannot keep it together. I had an issue in which the company made a mistake with my payment. I was informed a week before payday that I would suddenly be shorted 50% of my paycheck. I was of course upset since I did not cause the problem, but when I simply went to inquire about the issue, I was verbally attacked, insulted, and told to never come back. She yelled at me in front of students and their parents. It was humiliating and embarrassing. The rest of the school apologized and said unfortunately this is how the owner is. It has happened with other teachers, students, and she has even yelled at parents in a similar manner. When I said, “this is very unprofessional,” she responded, “Good, I am unprofessional and not civil. I don’t care.” She has some problems to say the least. Honestly, everyone else working there is great, but the owner is really disturbed. It is impossible to tell if she will react as a normal person or fly off the handle. Be careful with this place. I was told I was a good teacher and that they liked having me one minute and the next screamed at and told to never come back. I would never recommend working here,


Fascinating story. :eek:

[quote=“Alfil, post:5, topic:157285, full:true”]
Importantly, they do not make you sign a contract.[/quote]

They only take people with open work rights? :ponder:


She sounds like a manic-depressive, or bipolar. I wouldn’t want that kind of owner in charge of my work environment, job security, and wages.


Thanks for all of the responses. I had a few interviews with her and appreciated her directness, though I did note a bit of an edge at one point. Nothing huge, but part of the reason I didn’t accept the position. I have no time for work environments that tolerate such behavior (esp under the guise of “tough love”).