The Taiwan social networking site, Dcard

Today let’s talk about the social networking site Dcard.

Yes, their site is only in Chinese. That is fine. However one cannot even use an APRC to complete verification (驗證) of one’s account. Without which
one can only read, not reply to, or create posts.

The National Immigration Agency told me


(Is Article 62 of the Immigration Act good for anything ever at all?)

Anyway, perhaps someone could bop on down to Dcard’s offices at

台北市大安區光復南路 102 號 11 F

and get the scoop on what their opinion on “should foreigners have a voice?” is. While you are at it, also by the way ask them if they have any discriminatory hiring practices too.

And once they do hire a foreigner, how does that foreigner post a message?

I see their founders often are in the same pictures as President Tsai.

On Facebook I could even get a 藍勾勾 Blue Checkmark. Alas, on Dcard, it’s “back of the bus.” Imagine reading Forumosa for years, and one day you want to slightly comment on something, only to find out “No xxxxers allowed.” Well wouldn’t you regret all the reading of others’ cheerful conversations you did?

Sure, Dcard may say “Our focus is students. Just use your student ID.” OK, but they also let non-students participate – that is, if they are ROC Citizens.

Good question. Judging from that explanation, I guess not. I think you could use that explanation to justify any act of discrimination. To be fair, maybe they simplified it.

I would try an agency more directly involved in that field of business; they may have a different perspective.

You have to take a legal case not bother with asking officials questions. It’s Not even that expensive to file a lawsuit in Taiwan.
I recall somebody did it with iRent and they changed their policy pretty quickly.

Well I posted to

but they deleted it. And I sent it to
but they ignored it.

What’s that? I mean the government agency. Ministry of Transportation and Communications perhaps.

I have an idea: somebody ask a citizen friend to start a discussion
thread there on the Dcard website, asking why Dcard won’t let
foreigners, some of whom have been in Taiwan since before Dcard’s
founders were even born, and have APRCs too, to post on their website.
Then we foreigners could watch as those citizens debate that issue on
that thread.

That would be better than people having to come down from their mountain
to file court cases (probably all the way to Taipei too.) Or send
complaints to random agencies who will refer those complaints back to
the Immigration Agency who has already given their ruling, which the
courts would refer to anyway.

亦即茲徵本國(台灣)人協助,於 Dcard 貼文,問為何 Dcard 不允許在台外籍人士貼文。謝謝。

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Or they can just keep their little circle jerk.

Problem is they are getting big.
Starting to encroach on Facebook here in Taiwan.
Imagine not being allowed to post and reply on Facebook, only read.

Sounds like heaven


What do you know, accounts for sale:帳號價格

It turns out Dcard is …
「本用戶使用協議…是英屬開曼群島商 Dcard Holdings Ltd…」
a British Cayman Islands company!

But wait, I finally was able to get my account verified.

You see I spotted the news,

So I simply tired the method she used: submitting my diploma, and
“voila”, it worked!