The Taiwan Weather Thread 2016

New discussion on our favorite topic.

Seems like the mildest of winters is shaping up, with added extra pollution to boot.

Yeah, pretty dire in Danshui today (around 150 on the index), although yesterday - New Year’s Day - was quite nice. But I gather things are worse further south.

I can’t recall a winter with so many days when I’ve had that scratch in the throat and thought “Oh darn, I’m coming down with a cold” - and then looked out the window and realized, no, it’s not a virus, it’s the air.

Looks like we won’t be able to separate into yearly weather threads. Peeps keep posting in the other one (which is on 82+ pages now).

That being said, the rain over the last couple of days (especially in central and southern Taiwan) has been great.

If it helps I will post pretty images of pretty people in bathing suits or less…

BTW, we had the first snow of the season, a record in lateness.

Worldwide record temperatures and floods, nothing too special about taiwans situation although feels bizarre to us.

Pollution has been terrible this winter. Get yourselves an air purifier, I recommend Honeywell, 4K for bedroom unit (3-6 ping) and about 7k for living room (8-16 ping). True hepa and independently tested. Filters relatively cheap on the new ones and they are also much quieter compared to old models.There are many other brands too like 3m which might do the job. Daikin is also an excellent choice.

Yesterday I had my air purifier on first then dehumidifier on later. They are helping a bunch in keeping the sneezes and dripping noses to a minimum in our family.

I don’t remember having weekly rains in winter as its been here in central Taiwan so far (this winter). It helps keep the pollution down but since it comes with low pressure systems the air is warm so we get the up and down temperature rollercoaster ride. One day in shorts and t-shirt and the next in pants, sweater and jacket.

I second that about air filters. We have a Daikin one (that cost 13k) and it does a superb job. It cam with 5 extra filters for changes and I was changing them out every month (and cleaning the other filters) so since I’m on my last one now I checked to buy more but christ are they expensive. Like 500$ a filter. I read up on this from the Daikin site and it seems changing the filters every 6 months is the standard. But Since these were nice and white going in, and coming out blacker than black after a month I figured they were toast. We live in a new building and keep windows/doors closed 99% of the time so I have no idea where the crap air is coming in from.

The pollution here is so bad it forms an oily plaque on furniture. I use both air purifier -Honeywell- in the living room, and dehumidifier/air purifier Sanyo in the bedroom. And I live bit further from the main road, with trees around us.

And not that I am particularly complaining about the weather, but RAIN ALERT!

Forecast says we will have the usual hotter than hell day tomorrow -26 muggy degrees- in the middle of winter… then experience a drop in 10 degrees -without factoring the wind and such, which means it will probably feel more like 8 than 16 up North- in the next few days… wet days, BTW.

Furthermore, there is heavy rain forecasted for tonight in the mountains of Taichung, Nantou, Chiayi, Hualien, possibly Yilan too.

Anyways, they predict that by Saturday, we’ll be basking in 13 degrees from Taichung up. Here: … 4/32602011


I’m just not going to put the fans away this year, am I? I even turned one of them on today.

Feb may freeze your butt off

Unseasonably warm may be followed by
Unseasonably cold