The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017

Dec continued the disturbing trend of above ave temps for 2016 (2.2C above Dec ave for Taipei and similar elsewhere), and if that wasn’t the hottest year ever for Taiwan then i’ll go he.

Still, i doubt if Taiwan will ever knock Guaymaral, Colombia off for pure hotness. The ave temp there is 29.4°C! (There are supposedly even hotter places in Africa but the data is unreliable due to despotism) The hottest place on ave in Taiwan is Kaohsiung/Pingdong with a measly 25C ave (though that could all be rapidly changing if the last two years are anything to go by)

Was also very dry in Taipei with only 16 mm of rain (ave for Dec is 73)

Meanwhile in Taidong, another beautiful mid-summer’s day

Taiwan has average temps higher than anywhere in Australia. I couldn’t believe it when I read it but it’s true. It’s always been a hot country and unfortunately it’s getting measurably hotter in just a few short years.

People should be holding up signs with the end is nigh but instead when the end is actually nigh they are in watching the latest Korean soap opera. :unamused:

It’s actually been Taichung like weather in Taipei (anyone who has never lived in Taichung but resides in Taipei l…you now know what you’ve been missing…minus the extra dose of air pollution).

Yeah, this weather is getting kind of ridiculous. When winters in Taiwan become hotter than summers in California, something is definitely wrong. If this keeps up, I may need to consider moving to Kunming or something. I need me some of that “eternal spring” action.

its apocalyptic out there today. massive contrast to yesterday where i couldn’t really notice any pollution. wtf!

::Insert obligatory blame China response here::

Yeah, suddenly this afternoon it became hazy as fuck, like weirdly so

This morning on the news they were warning people in Central and Southern Taiwan about the pollution, telling them to wear filter mask when going outdoors.

Northern Taiwan kinda looks similar as the central right now

I monitor the AQI predictions and they usually give a pretty good idea of what’s about to come. They’re off by a day or 2 sometimes though.

Can’t complain here, looks like outr mountains protected us from all the pollution coming from the West. The whole East coast is having a pretty good time.

It’s pretty bad out there

On a bad day you should be able to see The Grant Hotel and the small mountain behind it, but nope!


What it normally looks like…

Holy shit mon, it’s like the fuckin Book of Eli out there

You got any ChapStick?

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Well it looks like a lot of it has blown off.
Now you can actually see the overcast sky

(Actually I was originally going to link to the part where Eli zotzes that creepy bald-ass cat

but I changed my mind so as to avoid upsetting La Tia Icon.
Who was busy eating plastic any frigging ways)


I saw the sun shine through the clouds at around 11:30AM. Got covered up again at around noon.

Hopefully the pollution will be blown away tonight. Seems like tomorrow’s forecast is to a decent day.

Winter Flowers

Very warm and sunny today in Yilan. Bees were having a party. Hopefully temperatures will not drop too much in the coming weeks, our honey-making overlords would not like it.

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You just wanted to post that pic didn’t you :).

Keelung: Rain (Unless otherwise specified)

So this lack of rain, while nice for getting outdoors, is somewhat worrying. I noticed the river levels in Taipei dropping. Hope there is no rationing of water come Spring.

Yeah, it’s bone-dry here - no real rain for 6 weeks. In fact, apart from a few big typhoon months the rainfall seems to be way below ave all the time

For Taipei, winter is the ‘dry’ season - and even though this year is extra dry, it’s when the meiyu and typhoons don’t come that the water supply is really challenged

Cue Simen Reservoir low water levels report in about 3 weeks.