The Taiwan Weather Thread 2021

And to start the New Year, a brisk 10C this morning.


Сейчас не так холодно.

Still cold.

I knew it was cold in Taipei when my Russian colleague complained about the cold.

I wanted to watch Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom but my living room is too cold. Maybe Sunday, when temperatures are expected to pick up.

Now I am in bed, wearing a wool cap.

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we are about 3c in the AM/PM but my home is set to 21c

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Phah. "REal russians go swimming when it gets as hot as 10c " :slight_smile:

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Blue skies in taitung but been rain for days before.

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North coast weather report.

12.9° at 09:15am.

12.1° low at 05:00am.


Yeah you need to be all hot and sweaty to watch that movie.

Thanks for starting the new 2021 thread!

Seems like we got a quick break from the cold on Sunday (and maybe today?), but things look like they are going to be worse than last week this upcoming weekend.

Makes me want to use my annual leave to just not have to ever leave home in this weather they’re forecasting.

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Yep, 6 degrees Friday to Saturday.

OTOH, I could get in the mood while singing Christmas songs. “Winter Wonderland”, “Sleigh Ride”, “Jingle Bell Rock” just don’t sound the same if you’re wearing shorts and a T-shirt (unless you’re Australian; then you can sing “Six white boomers, snow-white boomers…”)

I know what you mean.

I’m used to temps no higher than 10C with some snow on the ground and…central heat.

Just not the same here.

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As forecast by tango, there’ll be a dramatic drop in temperatures today. In Taipei and environs, we’ll get the added bonus of cold rain. Watch out!


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Shit weather!

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Still pounding rain up on the north coast.

If the rain stops and the clouds disperse, the temp will really drop.


47 cases of what? Frostbite?

Coronavirus. John Hopkins returned the name back to Taiwan after outcry.

Can they also take some of this weather away?