The Taiwan Weather Thread


That’s a serious looking radar image!

Seems we’ve got the old ‘typhoon-feeding-into-the-north-east monsoon-deal’

That spells huge rain all day


This pretty much qualifies as a typhoon event now - in late November! Definitely typhoon influenced. Pouring rain here with a stiff north easterly wind - and quite cold. Bad news is that it’s also slow moving.

Pity the poor bastards at the Taiwan Surf Open - today is the final


Typhoon? uhm…?

Here in Hsinchuang it’s raining, the weather is shitty, it’s a perfect day for staying at home… which is not what I would like to do :frowning:


Unexpected weather by Thomas "Bis" Passarini, on Flickr

Two weeks drenched in rain, and today the Lost City of Atlantis-Yilan rises from the bottom of the ocean.


Taipei City 28~37° 0% mostly clear
New Taipei City 28~37° 0% mostly clear
Keelung City 27~35° 10% mostly clear
Hsinchu County 29~34° 0% mostly clear
Hsinchu City 28~34° 0% mostly clear
Miaoli County 28~34° 0% mostly clear

Is this true? A max of 37c in Taipei in December??
Doesnt seem right does it?

This was from Taipei Times. They are obviously on crack.


Nope. Accurate. From personal experience, yes, it was/is/will be that hot. It was like that a couple of weeks ago, it is 28 today.


Amazing weather today, after 300+mm of rain from Thursday night until yesterday, having some sunlight here in Yilan felt really great.


Unless i missed something, that can’t be right (the temp, not the crack part). In fact, a cold-snap should be coming on Wednesday. (Doc, get the shorts and T-shirt ready - it’s likely to hit 16C for the first time)

There has been some weird weather but 37 C in Taipei in Dec should still be a few years down the track, ba…

It’s been ideal here for weeks. I could enjoy the winter even better if my brain would stop creeping me out by sub-consciously multiplying it by the spectre of another summer

Taipei again blew the ave temp out of the water with 22.6 for Nov. (ave = 17.9)

Ali Shan was 5.6 degrees above ave!

That’s the same story as the preceding few months - this must be a record hot year for Taiwan - i’m guessing by a long way


its been comfortable. lets see how well January and February hold up. last year was pure hell.


Yes it’s very extreme. Month after month of records broken.
It seems drier than usual in places like Miaoli too.

Of course it wasn’t just Taiwan, it’s a global phenomenon.


Stands to reason Jan and Feb up to early March will be colder then normal?


Depends on the ole Jet stream winds, if they get bumped south again.


First year I was here, the first time it dipped below 20°C was Christmas Eve


They did forecast a warmer winter. Hence, I do expect it to snow again.


29C Forecast for Taipei today! That’s more than 8C above the Dec average


I wore too much. T-shirt, hoodie, windbreaker jacket.

I felt quite warm on the scooter commute to the office this morning.


Yilan from above by Thomas "Bis" Passarini, on Flickr

Not bad for December, especially compared to last year!


Yep, warm winter all right.


Yes, riding the scooter in short sleeves today. Would have made it a tank top, but I have an embarrassing mole on my shoulder. :smirk:


Bootiful weather…global warming has one side benefit for us.