The Taiwan Weather Thread


Pipagao. Buy the large bottle. When we arrived here, we used to chug it like beer.


I’m sorry to be the harbinger of bad news. I’ve checked WedMD for possible causes of night coughing: among the results are Plague, West Nile virus and Tuberculosis.



Propper cold now…


I’m a week in and still coughing…you’re fecked :slight_smile:


Yilan clearly representing the status of Alpha male, with Taipei trying to gain some recognition.


I assume this a mistake, but CWB’s radar is showing an apocalyptic amount of rain coming. Never seen more than a a few little bits of purple on the radar before - but this one is full of it


Hi Icon,
It was on my mind yesterday but forgot…sign of old age.
I will definitely buy that pipagao.

Thanks again.


Darling, you are not there yet. Auntie Peng suffers from the serious condition called “have I taken my pills yet?”

As to the current mood, well, Winter is coming. Indulge in hot drinks. I have my pot of Japanese green sakurambo tea. Those with colds should have ginger and brown sugar combo. Zacate de limon y miel works too.


The wind is very interesting. Pretty strong on ground level, coming straight from Japan. Almost nothing few meters above the ground, with tree tops almost completely still.
It has just stopped raining, though it will probably pick up again later.


I know Ilan has some incredible weather and nothing would surprise me… but … is that even possible?

Taiwan Surf Open kicks off tomorrow - conditions look reasonable (thanks to the sea surface winds!). I was informed that a contingent of 29 Australian surfers were coming over as part of a government promoted thing - but given that it’s 29 surfers on the loose in Taidong there must be a fine line between cultural exchange and diplomatic incident


Sometimes cultural exchange and diplomatic incident are one and the same…especially when a horde of hunky Australian surfers is involved. :grin:


Best thing about that stuff is that it tastes exactly like Red Nibs


Keep talking. :howyoudoin:This post is useless without pictures.


Your wish is my command:


Muchas gracias. :heart_eyes:


Doc Milker, if you are quick, you could do the ‘16C shorts and T-shirt on a scooter challenge’ right now by driving up to Yang Ming Shan where it’s currently 15.7

It’s 21 in Taidong and I’m fully rugged up - and loving it!

There is a TS going through PPE right now - might kick up some more rain for the east coast in the next day or so - and seems to be another one coming that’s tracking a bit further north.


Snowing in Tokyo right now. People were asking CWB what are the chances of us getting snow here then, they said low at the moment.

I betcha we’ll have snow in Taipei early next year again.

Taipei, Nov. 24 (CNA) Tamsui recorded a temperature of 16.2 degrees Celsius Thursday morning, the lowest for this autumn, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

The CWB said that the drop in the mercury was due to northeasterly seasonal winds, as well as rain from southern China.

Keelung recorded a low of 17.2 degrees, while Hsinwu District in Taoyuan City registered a low of 17.3 degrees in the morning, also the lowest recorded so far this autumn at the two respective weather monitoring stations.

The CWB said that people in northern Taiwan will experience wet and cold conditions in the daytime, with the temperature hovering between just 20-22 degrees.

I like cool weather, just wish it was sunny. Non stop rain gets on my nerves and the dog’s. Anyone’s got advice on heavy mold buildup in the shower?

Weather is all nutty all over the world. The hurricane in Central America is taking a plath not seen in 180 years, and actually streghtened upon hitting land. About a dozen deaths so far in Panama, thousands evacuated in Costa Rica and Nicaragua… There was a lot of losses in agriculture from drought this year, now this. Sigh.


I was actually wearing a light jacket when I was riding the scooter last night. Unusual, I know, but I had a bug in my throat last week and I didn’t want to take any chances. On the bright side, it’s cool and sunny in Taipei today, making for perfect riding weather. If I close my eyes and plug my nose (um, and my ears), I can almost imagine I’m in California.:slight_smile:


Sky looking almost typhoony here. Could be some big rain on the coast tonight or tomorrow


Indeed heavy rain is forecast this weekend.