The Taiwan Weather Thread


Well, it is 14 degrees right now in Taipei. My cellphone says it is raining. A look out the window tells me it is not.

On of my funniest anecdotes was the first time I helped putting chains on tires. I learned a new word that day: sludge.


Look out your office window around 6:30. If you see a hairy-legged foreigner in briefs with the cops in pursuit, that means I accepted Council’s challenge. No pictures, though. I don’t want to be on the cover of Apple Daily.:slight_smile:

Hairy legs.
Big deal.

A big bushy tail, now that’s manly.


Very plush. Be careful it doesn’t end up hanging off the back of somebody’s hat!

By the way, that’s my stunt double slash spokesmodel in the photo. Didn’t want to risk getting the


Ok, i’ve sent out a tweet on my official government account about your hair-raising stunt so you can expect a reasonable turn-out of people lining your route home.

There’s been an on-line poll about shaving the legs and it’s come in roughly 50-50 - so if you could maybe just shave one leg…

And let us know which one so the respective spectators will know which side of the road to stand


This is starting to sound more and more like some kind of devious “honeypot” operation. Would it be OK if I just shaved my calves on both legs? Is it true that Western-style biandangs are available in the foreigners detention center? If deported to the living purgatory that is California, would I be subject to a lifetime ban from the Beautiful Isle? If I were to donate my leg hairs to knit winter sweaters for needy orphans, would I be eligible for a reduced sentence?

At this point, my trepidacious mind is filled with more questions than answers. It’s making my ample leg hairs stand on end!


Jeez, you are a seriously good sport.
Not many humies would sit still and remain calm whilst one of my cousins took a great big crap right on their head.
Huzzah, sir, I say huzzah!!


Thus the stunt double. Been around the block a few times and know not to trust your kind. Gotta say though, your cousin’s looking rather thin, dare I say…dessicated. Must be dumpster diving at the local crack house again.

Doesn’t cocaine addiction cause constipation? That would explain why he looks like he’s been squatting there a really long time.


We try not to judge here.


Not too much on the radar but that purple evening sky is usually a sign of heavy rain coming

Unless you live in Mongolia of course, then it’s just a another day at the office

A weird rumble from the mountain today. I hope it was thunder, though that’s not normal for a cold Dec day. After the cascading earthquakes we’ve been having, i’m still a bit on edge


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