"the three pigs" for adults

I just used the term “aviating porcine quadruped” in another thread and felt quite good about myself for thinking of it first, but just to make sure, I did a google search. Well I found this story that adults might find interesting:

All right, the general tenor HAHAHA of these titles reminds me of a little story my father wrote. At least he says he wrote it, and I believe him, although it is possible he’s pulling my leg. But since he has the best vocabulary I’ve ever encountered, he probably did write it. Or could have. Has nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas, but you may enjoy it anyway.

The Triad of Diminutive Porcine Quadrupeds

The initial diminutive porcine quadruped fabricated his domicile of dessicated monocotyledenous herbage. The rami of angiospermous arborescent flora constituted the habitation of the secondary diminutive porcine quadruped, but the tertiary diminutive quadruped assembled his commorancy from adamantine hexahedrons.

Then comes one Canis Lupus, petitioning entrance seriatim into each domicile by minatory declamations concerning extreme aeolian perturbations. The negativism expressed by the first two porcine quadrupeds brought about an ex parte response by the Lupus and the subsequent aeolian demolition of their domiciles. Shortly thereafter, said Lupus engaged in porciphagous gourmandising.

Finally Canis Lupus approached the commorancy of the tertiary diminutive porcine quadruped and petitioned entrance by the same minatory pronouncements. The porcine’s antiphon was, “The hirsute component of my lower mandible’s distal extremity renders the option of breaching the exterior of my edifice a nullity.” Thereupon, the Lupus repeatedly created aeolian perturbations of the most severe sort until he was totally enervated, but the commorancy of hexahedrons proved totally renitent.

But you haven’t finished the story! :frowning: I want the part about the Canis Lupus’s fateful excursion into the smoke-channeling device employed by the third Diminutive Porcine Quadruped.

Are there any porcines that aren’t quadrupeds ?


Oh, plenty of them, here’s just one:

I stand corrected :notworthy:

Here’s another:

Quickly lock the door and draw the curtains. You know you’re in a police state.

And a couple more.

PS: Any bets on how long until the lefties start posting pictures of Bush and Blair, JD or Fred?

They are quadrupeds though, though they be wing’d ones. And I see some people are actually using it as a coat of arms.

I know where this thread is heading and I will not fight against it.

Strange how it went from fish&chips to flying pig to quadruped to Sharon to Mugabe to coats of arms.