The (Tongue-in-Cheek) Benefits of Marriage

It’s just things like what to do with your affairs after you pass or if you were somehow incapacitated.

Like what to do with your estate, properties, etc.

What if you’re in a coma and someone’s gotta consent to lifesaving surgery or medical procedure, or even pulling the plug if you can’t be saved.

This is why they make such a big deal about same sex marriage.

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I’m dead. I don’t care about worldly things.

I’ve got hundreds of family members.

Your typing skills have held up remarkably well though. :sweat_smile:


Same to you. I can’t imagine typing with hooves.


So you don’t care what happens to your estate, who to leave what, etc?

One benefit with marriage is that someone else can decide what to do with them if you are unable to. Family works but it’s often just immediate family like parents. Your cousin, uncles, niece, nephew can’t do any of that for you.

Who am I going to leave it to?

My cousins and uncles and aunts can definitely do that. That’s why they’re family.

That’s what a trust is for. It’s fairly easy to keep things out of unwanted probate.

Trust for who?

Could be for Superking’s charity. Could be for anyone you choose or even your pet.

Fine. I’m leaving the trust for the Crazy Cat Lady Society and the Democratic Progressive Party.

Still don’t have to get married for that though.

That’s the same address, so great!

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@marco likes efficiency.

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For me, the benefits of being married are that I have someone to wipe my bum when I’m in hospital, and deal with day-to-day Taiwanese bureaucracy.


Isn’t that what flight attendants are for?

Eh, I already speak Chinese. They’ll help you anyways.

I wasn’t speaking about you. I was speaking about me.

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The nerve of some people.

The benefits I see after 25 years together is that we barely raise an eyebrow to a magnificent house fart anymore. It’s like when we went through Yellowstone and were wowed by the buffalo for the first few days then they just became a nuisance in the road. Now, it’s just a meh and a rattle of the newspaper.

Oh dear god I had almost forgotten that incident. :face_vomiting:



How dare you!

Let’s just say some things are best forgotten.


The wealthiest of my siblings, has never been married as she is soo selfish.
She tells me she’s going to leave all to her inheritance to local village funds and house to her dog walker.
Makes me not trust anyone that’s never been married.