The True Size of Countries Compared

An overlay map for countries of the world to compare sizes. Fun maybe useful.


Very interesting!
Pick a country and move it up north. You will see the big distortion a Mercator map causes.

That’s a fun site - it really does help reframe things a bit.

I thought we played this game already? I remember Taiwan and Belgium being comparably sized.



Is there a convenient way to do this with city maps?

Nothing that does this precisely that I know of.

This is good but you need to use the cities they list.

This works for pretty much all cities but the overlap is rather ugly.

I like this resource - you need to zoom to really understand relative size but it’s good for when I’m comparing cities that I’m familiar with already.;25.0329694;121.56541770000001;40.7127753;-74.0059728;Taipei;New%20York%20City;terrain;false;false;false

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