How big is Taiwan compared to other places?

From this website


Stick it up against Vancouver Island, they’re almost exactly the same, IIRC

Pretty close, man

Taiwan 36,197 sq km

V. Island 31,285 sq km

Huh. Didn’t realize Taiwan and South Korea were so comparable in size.

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Not accurate comparisons IMO. Taiwan is something like 70% uninhabitable mountainous areas. New Jersey, Belgium and LA are flat, flat, flat in comparison.

The website does provide the population size off to the side. I’d be interested in seeing some dots depicting population density.

It’s smaller than Tasmania while having almost the same population as Australia

That always has to be mentioned in any comparison. “But it’s mostly uninhabitable mountains”

Maybe there’s a website with inhabitable or habitable living area comparisons.

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To be fair, most of New Jersey is also uninhabitable.


It actually mostly is sand barrens and industrial wastelands

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Very informative, thanks.

3 times the size is not comparable. It’s comparable to Belgium and NL.

Yeah, I noticed later as I played with the website that the SK graphic with the Taiwan overlay is somewhat misleading.

In area it compares well with Israel or Armenia (adding disputed territories to both), or Switzerland. In terms of population, well, the bare numbers are about the same as Romania, or all of Scandinavia.