The Ultimate TroubleShooter

Here’s a great program that deserves its own thread. Find out what those tasks are when you hit ctrl-alt-delete! It turns out that I was missing some important Windows System files, the program helped me download and install those. It also helped me get rid of unwanted processes that were hogging my comp’s resources. This program was recommended on an other website that I visit. :sunglasses: … mation.htm

[quote]A staggering 65% of problems which a PC encounters, whether in business or at home, are not caused by hardware problems, they are not caused by viruses, they are not caused by spam; they are caused by background tasks.

From PC lock-ups to illegal operations, Internet Explorer crashes, slow-downs, and more, Yes, a staggering 65% of problems are purely and simply down to what is running in the background on your PC. The trick to having a PC that runs smoothly most of the time, is to know which background tasks are good, which are not, and which are needed only sometimes. We do.

If you are familiar with our Task List pages, then our product The Ultimate Troubleshooter will be what you’ve been waiting for : our entire Task List pages on your PC, with 30% more tasks included, together with the tools to configure your PC the way that professionals do for trouble-free computing.

You probably already have a good antivirus program. Get The Ultimate Troubleshooter as the perfect partner to your antivirus program and enjoy trouble-free computing now and in the future. [/quote]

The List on that site is pretty good. I’ll be checking my computer soon.