The US Midterm Elections: 2022

It’s well under way.

The GOP has decided to go full conspiracy in local elections.
Here is a brilliant response:

Is this just a GOP only thread? If not, what’s your take on the left’s propaganda? Care to share, honestly?

Probably victory for Republicans. I don’t think Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade will tip it enough to favour Democrats, but it might.

I think the media is coming at the abortion issue way over the top. We’re sick of covid. We’ll get sick of that kind of crap easily, too. That’s my take, atm. A LOT more people are speaking their minds about abortion these days, technology and all. It’s natural that we find out that statistically it’s less popular than it has been. Nothing has really changed. So, I don’t believe the issue will effect the midterms all that much.

This type of stuff might appeal to the liberal elites, your average person, not so much.

She’s a bit whiny given the curious acceptability of similar ott criticism of the right.

Did you take a look at the actual accusations made by State Sen. Lana Theis against State Sen. Mallory McMorrow? Care to comment on them?

Don’t you post enough about the Left? Criticizing the Right must be very difficult for you.

Dude, if you read what I write and not what you think about what I write, you’d see I criticize the right as well as the left. Stop trolling me. It’s not working. :laughing:

Try to actually address the topic of the thread. Mmkay?

I’ve seen the video in question. And no, I can’t claim an in-depth knowledge of a state race half way across the country. My comment stands.

Dems seem to be focused on fear:

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN: So when you read Justice Alito’s opinion, what he focuses on is history, and he says we don’t have to protect our access to abortion because historically we haven’t had that access. Boy, that oughtta make your gay friends nervous.

An excerpt from Lana Theis’ fundraising email. Who is focused on fear?


Elizabeth Warren is a known entity with a national platform. She doesn’t need to be elevated by the twitteratti.

Interesting she calls them “enlightened elites” not far off from what I said in response to the initial video.

If it weren’t for the fact they insulate themselves in a circle jerk of self adulation in their ivory tower intelligentsia making criticism as likely to penetrate their consciousness as pea shooter penetrating the cranium of a charging rhino.

They might actually stop and ask themselves, is there some truth to the claim we are out of touch with the concerns and needs of the unwashed masses, the smelly Walmart shoppers.

Alas, self reflection is not their strong suit.

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Is America fucking insane?


Yes. Always has been.


Not surprising as the rote talking points dragged out for the midterms come from the same GOP playbook.

The GOP playbook? I don’t think so, Lindsey Graham on Hannity or Liz Cheney on the 6th commission, they are even more out of touch with the common person than the elites from the left.

Not sure why you brought up Liz or Lindsey, you think they are running the GOP these days?

Liz is going to be on the way out I think, the Republicans had pushed her pretty much front and center after an 6th in a pretty obvious fuck you to Trump. That whole wing of the party who the media call centrists but are in reality the establishment globalists who suck up to multi national corporations and support never ending wars with huge budgets to the Military Industrial Complex.

Are very much out of touch with the average person or some random blue collar worker.

The media likes to portray the MTG’s as the loons, when in fact she speaks the same language as everyone else, it’s the so called “moderates” that are out of touch.