The US online censorship thread

Here’s an interesting and ominous example. The Verge “tech” blog began turning off user comments in 2015.

The Verge then proceeded to get heavily into politics, making highly opinionated posts to this day, without giving readers the ability to comment directly to the article.

They claimed the comments turned off was only “temporary”.

They said “we will be turning comments back on on a post by post basis, so look for that”.

And more ominously they ended with “comments will be back. Freedom lasts forever”.

They then suggested to go to the heavily moderated forums to make posts - it’s introducing a hurdle for readers who just want to make a quick comment - but at least it’s there.

Then they shut down the forums because it’s “not active”.

Then the chief moderator posted this:

“That said, many of our best and most interesting conversations happen in our site comments, and we hope to see you there. It’s been a blast, so here’s to everyone who participated in the fun!” The Verge, Chief Moderator

Lol, so they shut down most comment sections, tell people to use the forum, then shut down the forum and say “hey most great discussion is in the comment section anyways”. This is some 1984 stuff - can’t believe they get away with this.

2nd to final post before the forums shut down:

It’s not surprising they shut down the forum after embarking on heavily biased political pivot for 5 years.

Continued from above, brief timeline of sites shutting off comments sections

Maybe they should bring back NNTP.

Well, no. WE should bring back NNTP.

Not only that, but the nefarious government action forbidding you to start up your own online company.

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You don’t understand, there’s no chance, it’s unfair, twitter and FB have cornered the market on websites available. The series of tubes can only fit so much.

I know, I feel like I’m living in bizarro world- lefties are asking that evil capitalist corporations be free to operate in a free market, while rightists are demanding the government intervene to control free speech.
Customers asking companies to comply with their requests, and the companies actually responding so they can make more money- the horror!

Big government IS vendor lock-in.