The US online censorship thread

Is it only wrong when the government does it? We may find out.

One party complains the Internet walled gardens censor too much. The other complains they censor too little.

But the real issue is they shouldn’t have this kind of power in the first place. Collusion, abuse of monopoly power… lawsuits!

Oh, and midterms are coming up. If you interfere with other people’s attempts to influence elections, is that interference in elections?


Short of an outright rebellion, you can’t change the system from within. But this is close to outright rebellion. And now there’s pressure from outside.

What it all might mean at a memetic/spiritual level:


Protecting He Who Shall Not Be Blamed:

No, this isn’t Bubbette. This is an actual hero of Benghazi.

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Interpret censorship as damage and route around it:

Gun porn:

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Routing around it:

Blocking disinformation ain’t censorship, it’s called protecting the integrity of your platform.

Looks like the ol’ playbook may have hit a snag. As I’ve said before, twitter has plenty of legal maneuvering room to defend what they’re doing, they know their way around the law a lot better than the lie spreaders.

They’re definitely not interested in bending the knee to serve a political agenda, kudos to them.

Yes, it’s censorship and we all know it.

When people decide on everyone else’s behalf what constitutes “disinformation” that is censorship.

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Here’s how it plays out:

Republicans threaten twitter because twitter won’t promote lies.
Twitter is ready legally with one of many outs, because they’re prepared.
Republicans press, twitter says see you in court if you like.
Once election hits, Republicans won’t be so interested anymore.

Super yawnfest.

Nah it’s called having agency over your own platform.

Antitrust laws take a different view.

Likewise the laws covering campaign contributions.

Like I said, after election is over, this ‘principle’ Republicans are pretending to care about will be dropped.

When all is said and done, leading up to election, they will continue to fail to use twitter to promote disinformation. All that really matters, to keep the election clean of this rubbish.

Are you the thought police now?

Catch me in 2 weeks and see if any Republicans care about this, in terms of bothering to actually do anything. Of course if the shoe was on the other foot, they would demand twitter remove these election tampering efforts immediately! :joy:

Most people don’t care about it at all already. They understand the concept of a starbucks opening their bathrooms for use, then banning customers who smear their poop all over its walls.

Poop smearers may think they are being oppressed. :sweat_smile:

The pooh-poohing begins to have an air of desperation.



You would think after Bernie Sanders (for the second time) those on the left would catch on censorship is not limited to the right. Some of them like Jimmy Dore have.

I always make the point, welfare is not a right.

Twitter taking food stamp abusers off food stamps, then them complaining is rich.

People should learn to stand on their own 2 feet, it’s the capitalist way!

Make your own platform, let the market decide it’s popularity. Also the capitalist way.

Ah yes, the market, you’re correct, sir.
A monopoly is a myth.

We really, REALLY need an alternative to YouTube. That site is a real shitshow now. Can anyone recommend anything?

Bubby’s boomerang: