The Venezuela socialism death spiral thread


I saw on the news violent crimes have gone down. Because money is worthless lol and bullets are too expensive and hard to come by.


Yep, even the criminals are struggling.

You see, they simply cannot find bills. You cannot buy anything because you simply do not have the actual physical bills, and the power is out so cards are also out. Imagine that, no toilet paper, no paper for passports or money.

That is how the government controls people. The common folk have to line up to receive a bag of groceries from the government, which depends on how they behave. If they do not show enough loyalty or piss someone up, then they do not get food. The supermarkets are empty so actual buying is limited.

That is one tier of the Venezuelans. The other tier is the one taht has money…in US banks. They exchange dollars in te black market or us ethem directly to buy stuff… agian, from sources related to the government because that is the only way goods get in. If you got money, and I mean real money, you live well in fortified buildings, You do not lack water or power. But for how long? And when will the starving masses storm the castle?

Now ask how the Chaves/Maburro regime achieved this: they kicked or impounded all factories, all enterprises, and most land inside the country, whether owned by Venezuelans or foreigners…or sent their people to dissuade/eliminate the owners. Others simply had to stop producing, nothing to work with. And anyways, the country could not feed itself due to the export based economic model.




The intersting thing is that in Cuba the government still runs the tobacco factories, the crops, etc. they work and they produce and generate profits. In Venezuela, the enterprises closed were importers and speculators, which is what fuels the resentment because this people first left the country and gence halted the ‚Äúproduction‚Ä̂Ķ which was not there. We are talking speculation of imported foodstuffs, price gauging, etc. So the aburro regime took over empty shells in most cases. However, their fault was in not assigning them to work or anything.

Did you know most of the money from Maburro is at the Vatican bank? Or that US still gets more than half of Venezuela¬īs oil production? 44% officially is direct imports, but then there is about a quater that is redirected through Russian refineries in India. Fascinating.

Rusian dos not get that much oil from Venezuela diretly, nor China. And what goes to Cuba is negligible.


No one left to blame after this…

The cabinet members wouldn’t have risen this far without some political base, and in a banana republic that means people with guns.


It is oil money plus drug money, so that is a lot of money…held in the Vatican, Swiss banks, etc. Not even offshores in Panama or the Caribbean.

Most of the support is actually from abroad. Inside they have their own comandos who they armed, yes, but those weapons come from developed countries. Again, Venezuela can import all kinds of arms but not toilet paper. In terms of international support, the list is long and spans factions in the US -and I do not mean those idjits on Twitter, but the oil barons-, plus Turkey, Russia, China, India, etc.

No need for Cabinet as Cuba has been running the game since Chavez times.