The Voice 2nd Anniversary BBQ Bash

Hey hey…the Voice remains Taipei’s CHEAPEST pub…and now it’s celebrating two years of not gouging customers with ridiculously overpriced drinks.

Come on down this October 7-8th (Thursday&Friday) for some New York Steak BBQ, salads, and those lovable 2 beers for $150. Or, you can blow all your cash on a couple of cocktails at some other place. :loco:

Best of all, you’ll get to meet the one and only CHAIRMAN ROBERTO, live and in person, on one of those nights (not sure if I’ll go both nights, depends how busy my social calendar is). :wink:

The Voice is a 3 minute walk from the Nanjing Dong Lu MRT Station: Nanjing Dong Lu Sec 3, Lane 223, #55…stumbling distance from the Brass Monkey…

See you there!

The Chairman
Just another Voice barfly… :sunglasses: (hiccup!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Define cheap? If a bottle of beer costs NT$75, but the tipsy owner drinks half of my bottle, is that still cheap (and I mean this woman is pouring it in as soon as you turn around)…

whoops,check out next post

Stingy fella, aren’t ya?

Nina is a fabulous owner, once you get to know her. As far as this “drinking half my beer” business…well, can’t say that’s happened to me, and I’m a regular. Occassionaly, Nina takes a sip from a shot glass from your beer, but it hardly warrants a mention…

I enjoy the cool, loungy music, the comfortable seating, and the generally laid back atmosphere of the place. It has a good mix of foreigners and locals. It’s not a meat market, or a disco with crappy music, or an overpriced expat trap. It’s just a local watering hole. I dig it.

The Chairman