The William Lai Thread

Just another nobody who will be proven wrong by December 31st this year.

…the Vice President.

I thought the VP is Wang Qishan … OH DAMN BOOM ROASTED!

With all jokes aside, today i looked at a bank statement and all my expense in Taiwan were labeled with “Taiwan (Province of China),” and this is from one of the top banks in the US


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If you don’t know who William Lai is, why are you posting in this thread?



A lot of people post in topics they don’t know much about. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with learning and educating yourself.

Stiffed Sauber?

Would religion have anything to do with all the speculations about the 2VPs, Lai and Chen? There is a good portion of the independence movement elders that are staunchly Christian, and they had a hard time swallowing same-sex marriage being signed into law, and I think it was a big part of why they wanted Lai to replace Tsai. Chen is Roman Catholic, maybe that’s also why they don’t like him?

Former Veep Chen has just clearly declared that he has no plan to run for thee presidency in 2024. That he will be used to sidetrack Lai is a baseless rumor. Third, the reason he joins the DPP is to help Taiwan democracy become stronger.

News link in Chinese: 陳建仁:與賴是好友 無參選2024規劃 - 鯨魚網站


Whichever DPP member becomes president things will largely be the same tbh. They’ve been stable since 2019 or so. Su’s been the incumbent premier for the longest since the 90s.

That has always been the vibe I get from him. I’d be very surprised if he does decide to run when there are others willing to run.

I hope that would how the swing voters and the US State Dept. see it too. I personally like to see some decisive leap toward cleansing old junks.

He is consistent in that and transparency. Just that whenever President Tsai is involved, things are veiled over with her directing from behind the scene.

Find me a politician who doesn’t say that just before entering a race :rofl: :rofl:


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Let’s review my prediction in June, notice it was made before “Pelosi’s visit”. Since then we’ve seen:

1 Elon Musk’s (representing Twitter, and his financial backers) comment that Taiwan should capitulate. Checked.
2 Xi moved timeline to attack Taiwan as early as 2023 Checked.
3 No diplomatic recognition of Taiwan EVEN IF China attacks Taiwan - I maintain this view because there is no notable diplomats or scholars advocating this as of today. All we hear is retired officials said that US should recognize Taiwan (which is a vague statement, reflecting their inner thought), but none has said that once China attacks Taiwan, US should recognize Taiwan (which would be a very specific statement)

3 caused 2 to happen. Just like Dean Acheson’s comment compelled North Korea to invade South Korea (1950), and like Joe Biden’s comment on non-interference compelled Putin to invade Ukraine (2022). This is because military failure actually does not weaken dictators like Kim, Putin, or Xi’s domestic prestige, due to that they have already purged all domestic political rivals, and that they did so by portraying themselves as the religious leader of an anti-West religion basically Marxist /Socialists.

The problem we face is not whether Putin and Xi will loose militarily (which they will). The problem is that they will still do it because they don’t see any irreparable political consequences (such as Ukraine becoming NATO, Taiwan diplomatically recognized, or Russia and China being kicked out of UN).