The World That China Wants (III): Taking Chinese Communism Seriously


Short-term regime security thus requires a world order whose institutions, norms, and discourse is friendlier to authoritarian system’s like the People’s Republic of China

Quoting Dan Tobin:

Common development will allow other countries to benefit from China’s emergence as a leading country, and the global network Beijing builds, running on the Party’s standards, will cement the country’s leadership, radiating harmony to the globe.

The point then is not to force other countries to adopt the Chinese development model, or even evangelize the glories of the Chinese Party-state to foreign audiences, but rather to slowly weave a web of economic and institutional ties that link all countries to a Chinese center, a center which the Communist Party of China has control of.

Undoubtedly and resolutely I know which side I’m on!

The more China tries to distort the truth, and more the world wants to know what the truth actually is.

I guess with their censored Internet, they’ve never met or heard of Barbra Streisand.