The World's Largest Chinese-English Dictionary To Be Issued

Dear all,

Here is a snippet from an August 25, 2010 article titled “Oxford Readies Giant Chinese-English Dictionary” from the Wall Street Journal web site’s China Realtime Report blog:

Five years, 60 editors and translators, 300,000 words, 370,000 translations: It all adds up to the largest single volume English-Chinese, Chinese-English dictionary ever put together, due to be published Sept. 9 by Oxford University Press.


The full article may be found at the following link:

Oxford Readies Giant Chinese-English Dictionary

Can hardly wait to get a copy.

Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.

I bet I could make it even larger by using a 76-point typeface.

Another one to add to the collection. I have many leather-bound Chinese-English dictionaries and my apartment smells of rich…

Hope 1 out of this smart bunch makes a really cool appl. for this ‘new’ product[quote=“urodacus”]

I will match your bet and raise it to 76-point bold typeface

Will they have a traditional character edition? Will it include words, phrases and usages used in Taiwan?

Doesn’t look that way. Expect a China-centric dictionary.