Therapist / Counsellor / Coach

I’m an English speaking psychologist in training, available for zoom sessions. I am an experienced counsellor and counselling skills trainer.

I make use of a short-term, evidence-based behavioural therapy that works on altering the way we relate to our experiences while moving towards the things that matter most in life.

It is a more active form of therapy (we will get clarification begin working towards goals and purposes quickly) appropriate for a range of difficulties including anxiety, social anxiety, panic, depression, lack of direction, dysfunctional patterns, relationship challenges etc.


Good to see the @the_bear laughing. You can come across as grumpy at times.

I’m interested but I just need someone to talk to. Help me explore and understand my life so far and not trying to alter anything. Don’t need goals.

Try sending him a PM.


I’ve actually been looking at the online therapist websites a bit recently but haven’t decided on anything.

PM me if you like. I prefer to first have an (unpaid) discovery call to see whether it’s appropriate for you.

I’m not a long-term, endless exploration type of therapist. Personally I think it’s possible to go to one of those types without a problem and leave with several. (see Iatrogenics)

‘Understanding ones life better’ is a type of goal. There might be several more behind and around that. Something useful you can try if you’ve never done it is to make a timeline of your life - can give you an interesting meta perspective.

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