There's a bird in my computer

Hmm. Something funny is going on with my Macbook as of late. Every hour, on the hour, a cuckoo clock sound goes off even when I mute the sound. I don’t have any alarms or alerts running. Anyone have ANY clue as to how to rectify this very grave matter? :wink:

Buy a cat!

I have a hamster in mine, nibbling at the wires.

You could read the manual to find out or you check sytems stettings time and date.[/code]

use MacHelp? (always the right hand icon of the main list of menu items on the left hand side of the top of the screen)

go to System preferences (under the apple menu item, far left) and check your ‘clock’ settings under ‘Date/Time’.

actually, i just looked there myself and did not find a cuckoo clock sound for the clock in OSX 10.3.9 I have here at work.

I can’t remember one in the OSX 10.4 at home either. Perhaps you installed a tool from the Web recently… or you have some malware of some kind that has hijacked you. (uncommon in MacLand).

Have you put on any third party software recently that may talk to your clock?

It is not a usual mac problem, unless you like to get inside the guts of the machine and have been playing around with the toolbox somehow…

Well, all I have done is update Azureus, download some new icons, update iTunes, install cleardock, and got some new widgets… hey… got the chinese calendar widget that I saw on someone’s desktop picture in the thread “show me your desktop.” maybe it’s that? Oh, and I also installed Adium.

your widgets may be getting you down. perhaps the calendar widget.

Azureus, hey??!! (It’s still the best)

Maybe you installed a cuckoo widget?

Does the cuckoo speak Chinese? Then you would know…

Look what I’ve found:

Seems you are not the only one having a cuckoo…

widgets are supposed to be easy to program, which means many junior programmers are getting in on the act, and so there are many floating around out there that are not perfectly mac-happy, with all the necessary uninstall routines as well as the install ones.

Shiner is on the mark.

Thanks Shiner! Will go home later and start pucking away at my Widgets and see which one solves the problem!

It was indeed one of the widgets I installed- a chinese calendar. Hmphgh, go figure something chinese would cause a racket!

I’ve got loads of birds in my computer. Wanna trade?

You could change your casing: