Thermacell Mosquito Lantern, etc

I have researched the best way to deal with mosquitoes and it seems to be Thermacell Lanterns and their other products. Anyone know if I can buy these in Taiwan. Because they use fuel they cannot be shipped here.

You can easily DIY something similar. Go to Crate and Barrel and buy an outdoor lantern. Then fill it with DEET and other mosquito repelling substances.

Note: Don’t use around pets.

Old topic… I’m just importing one of the backpacking units that are fueled by butane/propane canisters. Unit is not a problem to ship, but the refils (4 hour mats) are classed as dangerous goods. I’ll see how that goes.

Update: Don’t import this crap.
To ship it to Taiwan I used MyUS and paid an extra fee for shipping dangerous goods. I paid duty fees in advance on advice to hopefully get it shipped quickly through customs.
Customs blocked this at the border insect repellents aren’t legal to import without permit and individuals can’t apply for permits.

Tried to abandon the product (Return shipping the product was estimated at $1800) Customs admin fees. Abandon shipment request was rejected. So I need to pay $1800 to return it. You don’t get Duty back and the salt on the wound is having to pay NT$100 to fedex to process this BS.
Unless you’re an importer or doing dodgy af illegal importing… avoid this product or the like. Not worth the hassle. Rather get Dengue Fever than deal with Fedex/Taiwan Customs again. They Suck.