Things that HAVE aged well

This is basically the opposite of ‘the things that haven’t aged well’ thread. This is the thread for predictions that were eerily accurate.

To start, this ‘Betty’ strip was published in 1997.


I haven’t seen telemedicine in Taiwan


That reminds me of this.


Damn, I only noticed this now!

“This prophetic book from 2005 was in my parents’ closet :joy:

Title: 16 Years of Merkel Are Enough! Chronicle of a Chancellorship


It’s now rife in the UK since the pandemic.

Not common, but some people have remote doctor/medical meetings in Taiwan (seems in some cases doctor visits the home), and great post.

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Does it need to be a prediction for it to count as having “aged well” some 14 years later? :thinking:

Okay, I found the winner. This cartoon strip came out in 1919.


I would argue that good old Space Quest IV has aged pretty well

Didn’t you just prove yourself wrong by posting that? Or is this some next-level sarcasm? :idunno:

I noticed a thread right above this, the Queen of England. She has aged well.

I said I would argue so I will. No, I did not prove myself wrong and there is no sarcasm, I genuinely believe the game is a thing that has aged well.

Oh, you meant like in the vein of as a work of art? I thought you were talking about the time travel part coming true. Still waitin’… :grandpa:

I have only myself to blame for not looking at the first post properly.

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