Things to do evenings in Xindian?

I did a few times. Died a slow death.i guess. Something different near the sports park, not bad . Lack of public transport was the main problem…It’s actually in Ankeng.

Hot pot
Grilled meat
Shopping/window shopping
Park dance
Trampoline gym
Swimming pool

Hang out at Bitan.

Get tacos at The King Taco! (aka Taco Luca)

Xindian is looking up, with or without that failed night market. :grin:


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That wasn’t in Xindian.

No wonder it failed. It couldn’t even get that right! :rofl:


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Ankeng is in Xindian though :grin:

I noticed there is a big swimming pool and gym in that new Xindian city office building

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Really. I thought it was in the sticks.:+1:
There’s Xindian and then there’s Xindian.

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My pal who lives in Bitan goes to Dapinglin to eat out/shop. That’s her trip “downtown”.

From Xindian Sector Government to Ankeng is like 30-45 minutes or more. And you have to think there are communities beyond Ankeng…

And don’t get me started on the other side going towards Wulai or Pinglin.

And that is all Xindian. Mostly mountain.

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There’s those communities up the mountains in Ankeng. That’s like striking out for the Himalayas for me.