Things you don't see in Taiwan anymore

Things I haven’t seen in a long time…Ten years or so…They may well still be out there of course

  • Guys holding hands (hetero ), girls too
  • Guys touching each other’s knees, arms around shoulder (at work , after work )
  • Raucous drinking games
  • Women hiding and smoking in the stairwells . They might have had a talking to, they may have had man trouble and their female workmates console them and have a smoke together .
  • People especially young people playing dice and cards
  • Music stores (record/CD stores) playing music you can hear on the street
  • Middle aged guys with their pants pulled up almost as far as their chest
  • Some real hippy or easy going back to basics Western food place or bar , no pretension , no allusions to hipdom

Yeah it’s nostalgia time.


I don’t see me in Taiwan and that’s a bummer

Sorry to hijack the thread carry on.


I wonder how much this varies by the places you frequent. In Danshui I still hear plenty of store music in the street.

I haven’t seen a painted movie poster in a very long time.

Scooters spewing smoke, while not gone, are fortunately much less common than they used to be.

Western chains entering the market and succeeding?

Books. Period. But that’s a worldwide thing. Ditto music stores, movie rental places.

Betel nut girls? I never see them anymore, but I’m also almost never on highways.


Oh by the way far as I know girls are allowed to hold hands without being lesbo but guys are allowed to put hands on shoulders of other guys but don’t in general hold hands with other guys outside of kindergarten

The ones you see holding hands in hsimenting are most likely gay



What? No more bed or not girls what the heck next thing you’ll be saying there’s no more cryers at funerals wearing bikinis

(Siri wrote bed or not girls instead of betelnut girls :+1:)

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Far better than Subway at least in the USA

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There are still some stunners for instance at the Nankan highway entrance . BUT betelnut girls are definitely getting a lot rarer all over Taiwan . There are still many betelnut stands.

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Yeah, that’s one of the chains I was thinking of under “Western chains not succeeding”.

  • People shouting “hello” at foreigners in the street.

  • Internet cafes. They were starting to disappear before COVID.

  • Manga rental stores. Very rare now.


still happens from time to time.


Maybe it’s me then - too old/unfriendly looking? I haven’t had one for years.


Still see (or hear) that. One of the most bizarre situations I have experienced was some (new) neighbour saying me “Welcome to Taiwan!” in the lift. I had been living in that building for many years…


Where I live now there’s still a big DVD rental store around the corner. Taiwan still has some holdouts . I’ve not gone into it because we threw out our DVD player when it broke down .
Maybe DVDs will be the new records in future and they will get rich again from their original stock lol.

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I still see this more in Southern Taiwan, in the parks, beach, habourfront (Love river where it meets the harbour young couples mostly in the evening drive their scooter to a romantic spot).

Also no more non air con train carriages. No more half dollar coins (post may still have then but I have not seen one).


Girls holding girls hands, guys holding hands …Hetero ? I saw it quite a few times when I came here first, girls in particular .
Yes some would say they may have been LBG but I don’t think so,it was just friends showing affection.

And taxi drivers crawling slowly past saying “takeshi!”

I miss the north-south flights on ancient MD-80s. For about NT$1000 (about 20 euros at the time) you got a nice bird’s-eye view of Taiwan and a weird plasticky snack, and about 40 minutes to ponder your survival chances in a plane crash.


Md80 ancient gee I remember them when they were brand new !!!

What was ancient were the then already old 737 200s the caravelles and the 4 engined turboprops

The MD 80 was a shiny new fangled new plane for Taiwan when Tommy stepped in one

Along with the 90 that came soon after as well as the Fokker 100s

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…And then you landed in a tiny airport which was also a military base . I flew to Tainan , Taidong ,Hualien , Chiayi a few times. Good fun and always felt like magic . What , I’m here already ?


The airline with the dragon logo (can’t remember what they were called) had the nicest planes, IIRC. FAT’s aircraft always seemed a bit too Aeroflot for me - I tried to avoid them.