Thinking of getting into the apparel business :advice?

I’m thinking of starting a business on the side designing and merchandising shirts online. I’d like to sell worldwide direct to consumers.

Anybody on here who could give me some advice on getting started in terms of sourcing and minimum orders and tariffs and such ?
I’ve no experience in this industry although I do have experience in trading and design.
I’ve also little experience in direct to consumer online sales.

What countries are good for sourcing , Vietnam?

It would be a sideline business to start with.

I could have helped you … but you’re Irish :shamrock:. Of course a beer may ameliorate my position :slightly_smiling_face:

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For that I will just buy you a glass not a pint now. :grin:

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Will you be doing “ circus” sizes for yourself , or just normal sizing ? :joy:hehe , I could not resist :smiling_imp:

Circus size. Only for the underpants. Personal edition .

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Har har . There are Taiwanese companies I know producing clothing in Vietnam …seems to me the investment is in the design and branding in that game . No point just on price … it’s crazy

If you know anything about this or anybody else please fill me in. I would rather not deal with Taiwanese business people personally if I can source direct from Vietnam or other countries obviously.

I have quite a specific market in mind anyway. I’m not competing on price as I believe purchasing shirts should be relatively cheap. Yes branding for this niche would be important .

I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get started. Just get a few designs in, minimal stock and start marketing …

If anybody knows the wholesale market in Vietnam please share…
I know Taiwanese boutique owners seem to go to Korea to get a lot of clothes to sell retail.