This dog needs a home urgently!

Hi guys,

My girlfriend is friends with a female Vet here in Taipei and it happened that this lady told her that they just finished treating a stray dog that someone picked up in the streets near 101 tower. The dog was in a terrible condition: very scared, shy and a number of diseases battering him, namely: ticks, ringworm and Ehrlichia.

The poor animal was in really bad shape when it arrived at the clinic. Now, two weeks later, the animal is in excellent condition (as you can see in the picture attached below) due to the Vet’s efforts and her assistant. I must also express gratitude to the local Taiwanese that generously picked it up, dropped it at the clinic and donated $20,000 NTD for treatment expenses.

Please, this dog needs a home urgently because the Vet will be forced to call the Council services as she does not provide a shelter for stray dogs.

If interested, please call my girlfriend Cindy @ 0939050080.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.


Note: It’s a 3-4 year old male dog.

My word, that is one of the most beautiful dogs that I have ever seen (and I dislike even the sight of most dogs!). What breed of dog is it, or is it a mix? Good luck with finding him a home. It looks like he has a crow or an upside down bat on his nosey…gorgeous!

It is a Siberian husky or husky cross.

It is a Siberian husky or husky cross.[/quote]

Isn’t it a Shiba? Hard to tell. See this thread for more pics of Shibas. … 6&start=10