This Flat-Earther Is About To Launch Himself In A Homemade Rocket To Prove Earth Is Flat

I know what you mean

However, I still believe that a great majority of “flat-earthers” are just making a practical joke, like the Flying Spaghetti believers, who are questioning others’ believes.

hmm, so you say what my own eyes see is just controlled by those big firms? if not for them, i’d be able to see the truth? gotta call mulder for that

i really hope they are just joking. but unlike the flying spaghetti believers(which i am a great sympathizer of^^) the flat-earth community has lacked to show any signs of humor or self-irony. not even monty python could pull that off that perfectly

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He forgot to bring his BB gun.

How is he able to build a rocket but not able to understand that the earth is round?

I was going to say that that proves my theory. However, we haven’t seen the rocket “flying” yet…

Spherical-Earthers DESTROYED by Kyrie. Will they ever recover?

In a word, no.

it’s not science, it’s just formulas(taught by those evil high school teachers btw). i actually found that comment quite funny, there’s no science, just a formula. so formula was there before science. how the heck do we know the formula without science?? i don’t know about you, but it’s not in my dna-.-

I forgot who said it, but another ex player believes he lost a bet and that’s why he’s saying it in public like that.

I’ve always thought it’s something along those lines, or just a huge troll on Kyrie’s part.

“Word” and “no” are constructs too. They won’t exist on their own. If those words didn’t exist, you would never had heard or read about them.

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My point is that Ibby is projecting the wrong set of values (though there is some overlap). Flattists are overwhelmingly religious, and not in a neo-pagan way, so they’re among the last people you would hear complaining about patriarchy.

How can these people possibly believe the earth is flat? Haven’t they ever seen hills or mountains!?!?


You speak like one of those smart asses from the city…

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Hills and mountains have an internalized flatness within them, they still count as flat.

Takes one to know one. :wink:

Excellent post-modernist deconstruction. Do you have a degree in English lit?