This is too funny

this is a news release from the AP today…

[quote]WASHINGTON - President Bush is pushing Congress to give him more authority to slice and dice the budget, an idea that’s
popular with conservatives who think the White House needs more muscle to restrict federal spending.
“Under the current system, many lawmakers are able to insert funding for pet projects into large spending bills,” Bush said in his Saturday radio address.[/quote]

wow, has this guy been shown the veto pen since he arrived??? i dont think so.

restrict spending??? he is making liberals look frugal. could dubya be a bigger fan of big government and its power to spend???

yet, another example of pandering to a group that is on the fence…true conservatives can’t be happy with his economic record. something like this could rope in a few of the libertarian-leaning members of the GOP.

there is still a whole lot of pork out there

You’re right that Bush’s been porking away, but somehow none of us feel better for it.