This planet sucks

well… it does. Its the suckiest of all planets.

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I’d still rather live here than, say, Mercury.


Remember, this planet is an island, an island in the universe. Living on an island has its limits, you can not easily get off when it’s screwed up.


hopefully we can go to mars in the near future.

Maybe we can all go to LV-426


Focus on positivity!

Nature just blows me away every day. For example, elephants are totally gentle giants with big hearts and compassion. The baby sea otters and baby beavers are the cutest. Dragonflies, butterflies and glow worms are wonders. Monstrous mountains and forever forests are worthy of exploration and discovery.

You get my idea, right?


cannabis is like vitamins for your soul?


This planet is the only planet I know. So, it’s the suckiest and the best to live, if that is what you nean.

I wouldn’t mind going to this planet…

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Every video should be made on a rooftop.

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Wait till AOC mandates it.

Nah…dance and rob grocery stores to feed your kids. Cuz that’s where all the looting happened, not cell phone stores and Nike outlets and liquor stores.

Why did you have to suck all the joy out of my soul? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It takes a planet to raise a planet

Fcuk all that: elephants kill.

And hippopotami kill more people than lions do.

And don’t get me going on about the microorganisms: them tiny little fuckers the human eye can’t even see.

Kill them all! Kill them all!

Spray the disinfectants and bullets everywhere before we all die!


Are you sure?

Very unfortunate Volvo appearance in that, I am ashamed to own a similar vehicle.

No, it takes a galaxy. :milky_way:

Even a whole solar system usually fails if it doesn’t get outside help.

But one planet raising a whole other planet? :noway:

Or one planet raising… itself?! :rofl:

Frickin’ hoomans. :roll: