This Week’s WTF Story Award Goes to… (2023 edition)

How fun it would be to have this kid as your daughter?


It’s either life gonna give her a proper lesson. (U know life reality gonna hit harder when you are considered as ugly both outside and inside by others)
Or she will become a one helluva woke feminist.
(Could also be both though)

But then, at the other end of stick, me growing up with strict parents with “respect the elders” planted, ends up getting pushed around by old farts. Like asking to rake their yard for nothing, asking to throw trash for them, etc. etc.
Back then, I was worried if I say no, the old farts will say stuff to my parents and I will end up get my ass kicked. (Like literally with a belt or broom)

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“Wood working” teacher “carving out” a relationship with a student. Ha.

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That story reminds me of my and my bud’s dream in high school regarding our math teacher. Please forgive us…,some of our other teachers were nuns.

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Here’s my nomination for this week:


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