Those small boxes attached to the mailbox - what for?

Second mystery for today:

I see some small plastic boxes attached to some mailboxes, say where you have an apartment building with many units and a common mailbox area. Some of them have a little box attached to them, whereas some boxes have a pad lock, others don’t.

Did the peope loose the keys to the “real” mailbox or what are they used for?

Milk perhaps ? Goats milk to be more precise. Do they have a picture of a goat on ?

Don’t think so, or better I haven’t noticed. Will check later tonight - maybe I just open one up and take a look what’s inside?

syringe disposal receptacles?

Make a picture!

Maybe for rooftop units that have been added on after the main boxes had been installed.

Milk and goats milk … in the morning they deliver the milk, I’ve seen them deliver many times around where I live … they come early in the morning …

I had a closer look, one box has indeed a sticker with a goat on it.

Thanks for the help!

What’s the attraction of goat milk? Is it because it contains less lactose than cow milk, or is it the taste? Or both?

That’s what people believe, but read following quote …

I have one for goat milk.



It puts off scavenging vultures and raccoons.

Our mailboxes are in an underground car park 20 floors away from home. Lots of mailboxes have the little boxes – sure people aren’t going down to the basement every day to pick up their goat’s milk?