Those wacky homeless

My wife and I went to a teacher’s conference yesterday at the TWTC near 101. Afterwards, we were crossing the pedestrian bridge on the way to The Tavern and saw a homeless guy in the middle of the bridge sitting down, bowl a ready. I said something about dropping some coins and as we got closer the wife and I noticed that his hand was down his pants, spanking away.

I did NOT pay for the show. :noway:

It reminded me of something that happened when I first arrived in Taiwan a billion years ago. I was taking Tai Chi classes in Tienmu at TAS. I got off the bus and was finishing a drink. I walked to the trash can outside the school and saw a homeless looking fellow there. he was facing me with his hand out. I figure he wanted the can. As I started to hand it to him I noticed …well, by gosh, his hand wasn’t exactly empty. Ugh.

Now, today, the wife and I and sister in law and four youngsters were going to Alleycats for pizza (BTW uhm don’t go before 4 pm :blush: ). Finding it closed, we walked back to CKS memorial. Stopping at 7-11 to buy drinks, I noticed a middle aged homeless looking woman in a skirt(dirty, lots of bags, vacant stare). Coming out of the store, there she was on the bench, legs a’spread scratching her inner thigh making direct eye contact with me. :astonished:

Sheesh…I guess I’m a “countryside” person these days. I am really put off walking down streets in Taipei now.

I think you must have a magic aura that just makes people want to masturbate.

So whatcha doin now? :wink:

Reminds me of a time when I worked in a department store back home. I was asked to back up security in removing a man who was exposing himself in the mirror department.Gross.

Hope your luck improves.

In a city such as Tapei, not everything pleases the eye.

Homeless people have natural needs to. Where else can they whack-off?