Thoughts on Linkou?

So I’m switching jobs this summer and moving to Linkou (from Taichung).
I searched the forum for info on the community but the most recent threads are 6+ years old.
Most of what I DID read suggested that the area was a complete shitshow but was steadily improving.
Just want to hear some updated opinions about living/working in Linkou.
How’s traffic?
Is the weather substantially cooler than Taipei proper?
Is it a convenient place to live?

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I can go months forgetting that Linkou is a real place that exists.


I visited and it’s actually pretty nice. Big mall-type complex, walkable streets, multiple ways to get to Taipei (bus, mrt). I say go for it and have a great time. It’s the Taiwanese version of the 'burbs. I’m not sure how much cheaper it is than Taipei but I think it could be a fine place to live.


What @teach said above is my impression of Linkou as well. I’ve only been a few times but I was impressed by the number of new buildings and housing developments and planned out streets. And as stated, there seems to be a ton of buses between Linkou and Taipei.

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I call it North Sansia.


Linkou is moving up in the world. Now mostly family focused. Yea, burbs might be a good description. Or just small town.

  • Lot’s of traffic in town at rush hour, other times lighter and less stressful. Heavy to nightmarish in and out of town via #1.
  • Weather, substantially cooler than Taipei? Hahaha… Slightly sunnier and breezier because farther from mountains and nearer coast. It’s a concrete city with more and more tall buildings.

I don’t consider it very walkable. Transport from spot to spot and then walk, and the transport again.

Convenient, probably, for all life’s basics. Not so convenient for Taipei. Either highway drive or train that stops around midnight and a few buses after hours.

Some western restaurants and foreigner friendly pubs.

Shopping all that ok.

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its the beverly hills of taipei region… i guess.

Or hillbilly of Taipei region… i guess

Beverly Hills of Taipei region would be Xinyi.

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is it a bad place? looks ok and modern

Everyone is looking for something different so hard to say. I have been there and personally found it quite dull, lots of bland modern buildings (at least around the mall). Linkou old street area might be neat but I’ve never been there. I would never entertain the thought of moving to linkou but again it would be perfect for the right person. If you have time, just go there and explore a bit. You can get a feel for the area rather than getting random opinions from folks on forumosa.
Good luck

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Linkou has an old and new part, basically divided by the highway.
Weather is cooler than downtown, in summer and in winter.
And it tends to be very foggy in winter.

I got family there, and my one impression is that, in most cases, you absolutely need to own (at least one) vehicle, or can’t get fuck all done, that public transport is pretty minimal.
Just my impression.

aerial view of linkou


South Tamsui?

Nawww. Danshui has a variety of different neighbourhoods. Linkou was originally a rural town and is almost completely new buildings from the ground up.

Sansia and Linkou share a variety of similarities. Both are along a highway. Both are equal distances from Taipei. Both rely on 900 series highway buses to get to and from Taipei.

Both are on the same longitude.

Both share a commercially-zoned city centre that was highjacked by property developers building houses instead of offices and shopping to avoid traffic backups to Taipei…

*cough FARGLORY *cough


Probably the only thing going for it is the new MRT station and an excellent hospital.

There’s Linkou and there’s Linkou. Nowadays what most people call Linkou is the new part, near the highway where you’ve got the Mitsui outlet mall. But the old Linkou with the old street is several kilometers east of the new development area, and that’s more like a rundown Taoyuan suburb. The difference between the two places is night and day. I would first find out which area your new job is in.

I live in Linkou, the new area.

In my opinion Linkou is often cooler than Taipei, and it seems to have better air quality.

Transport into Taipei can be a problem. Most people catch the bus (936, 937), because it’s quicker and cheaper than the MRT.

It’s reasonably convenient to live here once you get to know the area.

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The issue for me for Linkou and Sansia are the lack of late night transport services for those who like to partake in the consumption of booze.

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It is windy and foggy a lot due to the elevation. Traffic is TERRIBLE going in or out on the highway.