Thousands of people sign petition to storm Area 51


I’m interested to see as well.

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This shit is so dumb.
There’s nothing even there. Even on the slim chance there was at one time, it would have all been moved when Area 51 became famous during the 90s with X-Files and Independence Day bringing it into the pop culture zeitgeist.
Also, I doubt even 0.001% of these petition signing slacktivists will show up to storm anything, except their fridge at 2am. Signing goofy stuff online is easy. When actual work and commitment you can’t easily share on social media is involved, no one does anything. Only three poor dudes in ‘I want to believe’ shirts will actually show and they’ll be shot on sight.

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“Do not enter” = “Hey let’s enter!” :wall:

Humans be like…


The whole thing is a literal joke. I don’t think anyone was ever serious.
Maybe I’m wrong

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It’s the internet. I guarantee some are taking it seriously…

Don’t spoil the party, I want to watch. Some of you are way too serious, this could be great TV viewing lol :rofl:
Will Joe Rogan be there ?


I for one want this to happen. What could go wrong?

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ha ha that’s while I’ll be watching. Some things are actually quite hard to hide. I don’t sctially believe there is much there but it will be great TV.
And who knows for sure !

If they find aliens! Awesome! If they don’t, it’ll be fun to see. Win win.


“They can’t stop all of us”

Wanna bet?

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If there is anything there, this petition just gave whoever runs the site enough advanced notice to set up a minefield or other defenses to repel a mass invasion.

Lemmings running into a minefield Naruto style…

Bob Lazaar said he saw aliens.

Then he said he saw what looked like an alien but it was probably a dummy.:joy:



Why do they need a petition? Whom are they petitioning?

It’s actually a facebook event people can click to say they will attend or not.

This is exactly the sort of thing Facebook is good for.

Other people made similar ones like storming the FED.

Reclaiming the holy land is also one that’s popular


Sure way to get killed. Mass Darwin Awards coming if this insane idea goes through.

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If it does happen, one thing’s for sure: there will be thousands fewer conspiracy nuts in the world.