Thousands Sign Up for New National 'Do Not Call' Registry

(Reuters) - Hundreds of thousands of Americans hoping to keep unwanted telephone sales calls at bay signed on to a free “do not call” list on Friday that will prevent most telemarketers from bothering them at home. Eager Americans rushed to place their home phone numbers on the Federal Trade Commission’s list shortly after President Bush unveiled it in a White House ceremony. By 2:30 p.m. EDT the list had grown to 635,000 and was on pace to top 2 million by midnight West Coast time, an FTC spokeswoman said.

here is the link … _marketing

the link for the feds site is

Its about time the feds do something about these telemarketers.

A while back before I bought a Telezapper, I picked up an item at a Dollar Store that plays a canned message saying, in effect, “take me off your list”. Best buck I ever spent.

I also have caller ID. Telemarketer calls usually come up “out of area” so we let those messages (if they leave any) go to the answering machine.

As a last resort when I do pick up the phone, I use a wise-butt intro, like “Hello, Compulsive Masturbators Hotline, can we give you a hand?” :slight_smile:

“Hello, Compulsive Masturbators Hotline, can we give you a hand? …oh, hi, Mom.” :wink:

First telephone solicitors, next spammers!