Three adorable black kittens looking for homes (Taibei)

The three kittens which came into our lives on day one (!) of their lives are now old enough to move into new homes. All three are adorable, affectionate, playful little things, and we would love to keep any one of them if we could. If you’re looking for a kitten, and are willing to promise to vaccinate them on schedule, neuter them when they’re old enough, and give them lots of love and affection, then please contact me by PM.

Here are pics of two of them, now back at the home of A-Lu, the net pal who passed them to us for their initial intensive care: Those we call Negrito (the all black lad) and Bandita (female, with the eye patch).

We’ve still got the third and smallest one in our apartment, Sox. Here he is, at 2.5 weeks, and now (8.5 weeks):

I can so see why you want to keep him. :cry:

Looking at those pictures, don’t know which one is furrier…

The kitten looks like he will grow up to be a lovely tuxedo like mine. However, this one’s been raised properly, no evil twins like mine. Look at that adorable, innocent face. AwWWwwwwWWWW!!