Three Asian countries stiffen immigration laws

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Not really surprising.

Japan historically is nationalistic.
Two places are simply the same country, China and it was never legal.

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Its one thing to not allow it. Its another to pull a taiwan and ship off people born here like they are garbage thankfully taiwan has been changing, but its been a true disgrace in the past :frowning:

Not a shocker on japan and china, luckily taiwan has chosen another path.


And I do truly believe it will help Taiwanese in the long-term as well. Immigrants are the keys to a bright future.

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Taiwan is getting better- as I’ve said, when my sons were born they were not recognised as ROC citizens, even though they had a Taiwanese mother, were born here and had never lived anywhere else- they were only allowed to live in Taiwan until they turned 21.

Exactly. Taiwan was pretty harsh to locals without nationality and all that paperwork bullshit. Its changing. Too little, too late. But at least it is a better direction. Hope your kids got it figured out without too much hassles!

Yeah, it did- the same week the guy from the Foreign Affairs Police (that’s how old this was) was threatening to deport them if I didn’t register them as foreigners, the Legislative Yuan changed the law to allow citizenship to be passed down from the mother as well.

Hows that for perfect timing! Congrats.