Three More Days to Find Jimmy a Home [Updated: Photos]

Jimmy, 2 years old, male, black color, looks a little bit like Lab, Beautiful and calm, he is looking for a home, unfortunately i can’t take him home because I have a lab at home too, so I’m wondering if someone can take care of him. he was sick …but he’s improved.
story about Jimmy : found him on the street, he was too weak to walk, and has been stayed in the same place for nearly a month, me and my roommate picked him up and send him to the vet, they found him sick, with very rare heart worm ( not enough to kill him ), very low red blood, and some other illness too, but all have been inproved, vet found a chip in Jimmy’s body, we have tried to contact the owner, he doesn’t want Jimmy back because he thought Jimmy was picky with food he ate, but not realizing he was really sick.
I’ve got photos of Jimmy, if anyone interested, please send me an email to :, I can send you his photos, then you’ll find out how cute he is …and wanting to take him home to take care of him, also you can call on my mobile phone : 0936370639
please help Jimmy … we are out of hope

The owner can be fined by the city government for refusing to take the dog back, I believe.

The problem is that the owner can agree to take the dog back to avoid the fine, which probably isn’t the best thing for the dog at all.

Our vet always prosecutes in these cases, but it’s always risky if the owners agree to take the animal back.

They should be fined and disqualified from having a dog, if you ask me.

Good luck with this, jchuang43; I’ll post the photo for you shortly.


The OP rescued jimmy the dog off the street and took him to a vet, where jimmy’s been receiving care (heartworm treatment, etc.) and lodging for over a week.

Here are some photos of Jimmy. I hope someone can take him, as the OP can’t afford to keep him at the vet much longer. If you want to help out with costs (600NT/day) that would be much appreciated, and you can PM me and I’ll put you in touch with the OP.

You’ll get Jimmy’s funky hat for free!


If you can help, please do it soon.

I just spoke with the OP. He can only afford to keep Jimmy at the vet for another few days and will take him to the animal shelter on Sunday night if no one can take him.

Jimmy’s a sweet tempered dog that apparently got dumped. As you can see from the photos, he’s cute as well. The vet says he’s doing well with treatment and will recover.

Please help!

The shelter would mean almost certain death for this guy, such a waste of a good dog and everyone’s efforts.

Can’t the OP take him home to give him more time? Two is often much easier than one - I’m being honest.

the thing is … I have a dog too, and he is staying in the belcony of my apartment, and I’m sorry keeping him there already, I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep 2 dogs there, I know it’s becomming my responsibility since I’ve picked up the dog from the street, but my intention was finding Jimmy a better home, this dog sure wants to live because I went to the vet yesterday, every time when I called his name he just made the resonpond with sound like " hmm… hmm…" but I’m happy he can respond now. because he couldn’t do anything one week ago.

Why not have Jimmy neutered and vaccinated, and returned to the street instead of sending him to a sure death at the shelter? Sounds like a waste of efforts and money indeed to put a dog through heartworm treatment just so that he can be killed shortly after. The street isn’t the best option, but I think it’s better than the shelter.

I’m sure Stray Dog would help you get a good price on neutering Jimmy as he could become part of AT’s CNR program if you can pay for it. I’m willing to pay half of the neutering and vaccinations providing that it is done by one of AT’s collaborating vets.

Thanks for caring for the little guy, he deserves it! :slight_smile:

If someone could care for the dog for an extra 4-5 weeks to let him put on a bit of weight, that would be even better. Surely someone will be keen to care for this dog for such a short period of time…

Don’t give up!

[color=darkblue]Webmaster Stan just told me that Labs make good Seeing-Eye Dogs. Well, I don’t know much about that, but I DO know that on 4/5 we wil take part in an event that is sponsored by the Seeing Eye Dog/Guide Dog association. We were invited by the big dog group in Taichung to set up a table with them in front of Mitsukoshi Department Store on Taichung Harbor Road. They said we could bring some dogs too. I’m at the moment trying to arrange volunteers for that day. It’s the Tomb Sweeping Festival and Spring Scream time, so it’s hard to find volunteers. If anyone wants to help us out that day, please let me know. If you can bring that Lab to Taichung on Thursday, 4/5, maybe the dog group and we can help him find a home and a career![/color]

the guide dog assocation will also have a Taipei event on 4/7. Ask Stray Dog for details on that.

I missed out on this thread because I’ve had no computer access for a while. What is the situation now?

Sorry to let everybody down, but Jimmy will be sent to the animal shelter this weekend, I’ve tried so hard… and spent more than 10,000NT to let Jimmy gets better, but it seems no one wants to take him …what a pitty, and I feel so sorry for Jimmy.

I was in your position dozens of times before I started Animals Taiwan, and I know it often seems hopeless, but in three years I found homes for almost 40 animals. How? I just didn’t give up.

The dog will almost certainly die if you take him to the shelter, from one of the many nasty diseases prevalent there if not from a needle stabbed multiple times into his chest after 10 days.

I understand how you feel. I can tell you that you just need to give it more time.

I sincerely hope you change your mind and explore other ways of making sure this dog gets the kind of home he deserves, otherwise you’ll be missing out on the sheer joy of watching him get adopted into a loving family.

Sure I don’t want to give up, but since I have no place for him to stay, I just keep paying his stay in the Vet, and now it’s becoming my own financial problem, what must I do ???

Your balcony isn’t perfect, but it’s the best option for now. Then you can get some nice, relaxed photos of the dog and use those to find him a home. Take him for walks in your area and put a notice on him saying he’s looking for a good home; take him to busy places where lots of people hang out, like Grandma Nitti’s in ShiDa, and sit outside with a makeshift sign saying he’s looking for a home. Introduce him to as many people as possible.

You can do it; victory is always just around the corner of despair.

Looking forward to reading about how he has been adopted. :wink:

[quote=“jchuang43”]Sorry to let everybody down, but Jimmy will be sent to the animal shelter this weekend, I’ve tried so hard… and spent more than 10,000NT to let Jimmy gets better, but it seems no one wants to take him …what a pitty, and I feel so sorry for Jimmy.[/quote]Why don’t you at least consider CNR? Is that not better than sending the dog to the shelter? Is Jimmy too sick to be going back on the street? I even offered to pay for a part of it. Offer still stands…

Jchuang43 seems pretty desperate. I could foster Jimmy temporarily, if other people out there promise to help find a permanent home for him. I have four dogs already and can’t adopt another one.