Three Times (zui hao de guang shi)

Has anyone heard of the movie “Three Times” (mandarin: “zui hao de guang shi”)? If so, any idea if it’s playing in Taipei? It got a very limited release in the U.S. and I was hoping to see it in Taiwan when I arrive this summer. It’s by the same guy that did Millenium Mambo, I think.

I watched it a couple of months ago, and it was the first movie I watched where Shu Qi wasn’t just fucking annoying and I actually liked her character. I absolutely loved the 1st episode, there was no flaw at all in that one, atmosphere, music, story, everything was great. The idea of using the silent movie style for the 2nd episode was quite nice imo. Had no English subtitles though, so it was quite hard to understand what’s going on. The 3rd one was the weakest episode imo, story of every other contemporary Taiwanese movie, more or less.

Got no idea whether or not it’s on in Taiwan. Though I’d think it should be through by now. It might actually have been on before I left last summer.

Btw, “the guy who did Millenium Mambo” is called Hou Hsiao-H sien and is one of Taiwan’s most acclaimed directors…


I spotted the DVD at Asia One. I’m not sure about Blockbusters.

Saw it there today.

Saw the movie at the SPOT awhile back as well.

Like Iris I loved the first two sections but was not as thrilled with the third. Took an unneccessarily grim view of contemporary “spirit” in my opinion.